The Spillers Cookshop is so much more than the name suggests. Not only will you discover a diverse collection of pots, pans, textiles and culinary goodies from around the world, this is also the gateway to our showroom and a great place to soak up the friendly atmosphere.

Perusing our internationally stocked shop is even more enjoyable with coffee and cake in hand. We bake every day and are more than happy for you to sample the results. Kim is on hand to offer advice and will help you to find what you’re looking for, even if it’s not in stock. Names like Fissler, Marinoni and Stellar represent just a handful of the leading brands to be found at Spillers.

We bake in the cookshop every day and are more than happy to share the results!

Aga Cookware

Aga cookware is made in the historic Coalbrookdale foundry by dedicated people committed to quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The staff have a real pride in the cookware they produce and it’s not uncommon for three generations of a family to work side by side at the Coalbrookdale foundry.

An amazing cooker with an amazing range of cookware. Developed by experts, the cookware ensures the best possible results. From pots and pans to kettles and bakeware, the Aga range has style, quality and flexibility.

One of the must have items, for every cook, is the 28cm saute pan with separate stackable lid. High sided and with a removable handle, the pan is great for stir fries, braising meat and sauteing vegetables.

Colourworks Cookware

Colourworks cookware is a striking, colourful and comprehensive range of essential kitchen accessories. The array of fun colours, in this range, will bring a vibrancy to any kitchen. However, don’t be misled by the jolly colours, these kitchen tools are seriously professional. Made of silicone, the tools are stain resistant and heat resistant to 260°C and also dishwasher safe.

Be on trend – mix and match colours. Colourworks cookware is also ideal for children and students alike and those precious, non-stick pans will also appreciate the tools’ gentle contours. The pastry brush has an added advantage it doesn’t shed its bristles.

Cookery Books

Whether you’re a new devotee or a time-honoured Aga cook, Spillers has a cookery book for culinary inspiration or as a gift. Although Mary Berry always springs to mind, as her name is synonymous with Aga, there are many other cookery writers specialising in Aga menus. There are oodles of books from which to choose, ranging from Traditional Aga Cooking, Vegetarian Meals, Cooking for Kids to Bread and Cakes. There’s a cookbook for everyone.

Don’t forget, Aga demonstrations are also a brilliant way to learn everything you need to know about Aga cooking. Also an ideal time to find out which pots and pans to use, an introduction to new recipes and delicious morsels to sample from each meal prepared. Click on our “What’s On” link to find more details.

Fissler Cookware

Looking for quality with German precision engineering? Then look no further than Fissler. Originally developed by professionals for professionals, Fissler now offers cookware for home use. Pot bases are made with stainless steel and contain a fully encapsulated aluminium core. This ensures optimal heat absorption, distribution and storage. Simply put, there are no hot spots, the base retains its heat and so saves energy and time when cooking.

All lids are tightly closing and some are concave in shape. The inward curve ensures rising steam drips back into the pot – a steam effect making food more tasty and juicy. Whichever range you choose, you can be assured every Fissler product is quality checked several times before leaving their factory.

Sophie Allport

British designer Sophie Allport produces pretty, fine bone china mugs, which are hand decorated and finished in Stoke-on-Trent. 275ml and 425ml in size, with images of Labradors, terriers, chickens, swallows or butterflies, the mugs are ideal for morning coffee or a refreshing afternoon cuppa. Individually packaged in presentation boxes the china mugs make ideal gifts.

Sophie Allport Textiles are made from 100% cotton and machine washable, and therefore hardwearing for the busy family home. There’s an array of kitchen fabrics including tea towels, oven gloves, gauntlets, Aga hob covers and doorstops to suit your daily needs.

Marinoni Pewter Tableware

A family business, Marinoni is based between Lake Garda and Lake Iseo in northern Italy. For over 30 years Marinoni craftsmen have been creating stunning pewter objects for table and home.

The luxurious Tuscan collection combines Italian pewter with traditional white pottery which simply oozes Italian allure and sophistication. Remember to look for the owl stamp on their products, as the owl ensures each item is an original and unique from the Marinoni collection.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift or wish to dress your home to impress, you need go no further. Marinoni designs for practicality and at the same time creates objects of beauty with elegante sofisticato.

Stellar Cookware

The Stellar cookware range is aptly named, being very much stellar by nature. A quality star performer, at a price which the home chef will find surprisingly good value for money. The thickness and weight of the materials used, in their pots and pans, ensure longevity of each piece. Also available is the James Martin Knife Collection, exclusively designed by the celebrity chef. The collection is dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Judge Cookware

Judge is a long established kitchenware brand, which produce quality and value for money cookware. The Judge Vista range of pans and Sabatier kitchen knives are particularly popular, especially for the price conscious customer.

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