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Miele is a name synonymous with outstanding quality, legendary service and remarkable longevity. Their appliances are both elegant and practical, a real joy to use and a very sensible investment indeed, not least because Miele remain the only manufacturer to test their products for a lifespan of twenty years.

Welcome to the Spillers Miele Appliance Centre

The Spillers Miele Centre showcases over 50 Miele appliances, all working and displayed in beautiful Charles Yorke Kitchens. Experience the ultimate collection up of Pure Line ovens, including the very impressive M Touch models. Steam Ovens, Coffee Machines, Induction and Gas Hobs, Extractors, Dishwashers, Mastercool Refrigeration, Laundry Products, Vacuum Cleaners – even the brand new Fashion Master is ready to impress.

To help make up your mind which appliances to choose, all of our displays are live and ready to demonstrate. Your taste buds can even come into play during a Taste of Miele evening or at a one on one test drive with our resident home economist.

Miele In The Showroom

Miele Centre

Miele Centre

The Miele Centre is made up of 3 Kitchens and a Laundry room designed by Charles Yorke and has over 50 Miele appliances on display many of which are Live. More about Miele Centre
  • Miele M Touch Ovens
    Miele M Touch Ovens
    M Touch from Miele is a new innovative touch display that is fast self-explanatory and easy to use. Unlike some displays that only have symbols, M Touch has clea text so it is no longer necessary to refer to an operating manual.

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  • Miele Oven functions
    Miele Oven Key Features
    The long life of Miele appliances is legendary. Development teams are continually striving to improve the performance of Miele appliances and at the same time conserve resources and economise on the raw materials used. Miele have a policy of continuous improvement and new features.

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    10 Amazing Facts to change your opinion of Coffee
    Several studies have shown that Coffee can boost your metabolic rate from 3 to 11% and is one of the few natural sources to aid in weight loss.

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