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Spillers can offer a comprehensive Aga and Rayburn service to ensure it is kept in prime working order and continues to operate safely and efficiently.

As per manufacturer’s guidelines it is recommended that an Oil Fired Aga and Rayburn should be serviced every six months, however certain Oil Rayburn models should be serviced annually. Similarly all gas Aga’s and Rayburn’s should be serviced annually. If you own a 30 AMP Aga it is suggested that it is checked annually for electrical safety. A 13 AMP Aga should be serviced every two & a half years.

By using Spillers you can be rest assured that only Genuine AGA parts will be used and that we are up to date with all the latest news.

Our Service department is open Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm

Contact or call 01460 67878 to discuss your service requirements.



AGA Spares & Rayburn Spares

Spillers are one of the main stockists of Genuine AGA and Rayburn spare parts in the southwest.

So if you are wanting to spruce up your AGA or just need some spare parts then call our dedicated service team for all your AGA and Rayburn needs. We hold large quantities of stock on site and if we don’t have the part you need then a majority of AGA parts can be ordered in.

Are you re-modelling your Kitchen? Then we could change the colour of your AGA with a new front plate and side plates. We can also help you with your new kitchen design with our own Kitchen department – for more info click here.

If you are worrying about the expense of running your AGA then we can bring new life to it by either converting an Oil AGA to 13Amp electric or by retro fitting The AIMS (Aga Intelligent Management System) kit to your existing AGA thus bringing your AGA right into the 21st Century. To find out more about this take a look at our AIMS section where you will find how this modification can help you.

All our parts can either be picked up from our Chard based store or a majority of parts can be delivered to your home address ready for you or your engineer to install. So even if you are reading this in Glasgow we can still get you the parts you need to keep your dream cooker working.

We even do an enamel repair kit for touching up any little knocks your AGA may have received throughout it’s long life. We can also come and fit most AGA parts for you, using our trained engineers.

So whether you are in need of a new top plate or just wanting a new AGA badge then please email or ring our service department on 01460 67878

AGA Cleaning



Cleaning the oven is one of the most hated chores in the house, with domestic cleaning products unable to remove the real burnt on carbon.

The Spillers team of cleaning operatives are fully trained to deal with even the dirtiest of AGAs. We are fully insured and use only non-caustic, non toxic cleaning products in your home. You can be assured of a first class service with no mess and no fuss.

Your Aga takes pride of place in the kitchen – let the Spillers team restore it back to its former glory!

Here is a breakdown of our cleaning service charges:

Aga & Rayburn Cleaning

2/3 Oven – £210.00*         4 Oven – £240.00*          Additional Module + £50.00*

Book a clean and receive 10% OFF your AGA service when all booked for the same date.

*The above prices apply to properties within a 35 mile radius.
*Appliances for a CLEAN ONLY outside of a 35 mile radius are also subject to the applicable call out charge.

Photos of AGA top, lids and ovens are required prior to booking. If grading is deemed to be inaccurate on arrival, prices above are subject to change

Lid Package

AGA clean including replacement of the lid liners, securing rings, screws, and seals

Clean Charge + £250.00

Door Breakdown

Door Lining (Roasting & Baking – Deep): £27.73 each

Door Liner (Simmering & Warming – Shallow): £41.22 each

Door Rope Seal: £6.98 each

Door Liner Screws (4pk): £27.72 (set)


Cleaning Kit: £60 each (half price with every clean)

Chef Pads: £15.00 each

Touch-up paint stick: £20.00 each

Enamel Cleaner: £15.00 each

Chrome Cleaner: £15.00 each

If you require further information on this service or would like to book your cleaning appointment then please contact our team on 01460 67878

Boiler Service



Spillers have been looking after thousands of boilers across the whole of the South West for almost 100 years. We’re based in Chard but our Gas Safe and Oftec registered engineers are conveniently placed throughout Somerset, Devon and Dorset so we can quickly reach you in times of need.

Quote SOC25 when you call to book and receive £25 OFF your 1st appointment.

If you require further information on this service then please contact our team on 01460 67878.



Every one of our engineers has been factory trained and very often you will find them back up at the Telford factory either refreshing their skills or learning all about the new appliances. All our engineers come to you with varying Gas safe and Oftec qualifications to suit the job in hand.


How much is a service?

All our pricing is worked out on a distance basis. If you simply email the team at or call us on 01460 67878 our friendly service team will gladly to discuss your service requirements.

Do I need my chimney swept?

If you have a solid fuel appliance then it is the manufacturers’ recommendation to have the chimney swept at least once a year. With an oil appliance as per NACS (National Association of Chimney Sweeps) it is recommended to have the flue swept once every two years.

What type of chimney cowl do I need?

There is no definitive answer for this as it is based on what flue system you have at your home. If you are having one of our engineers visit then they would be able to advise on site as to which cowl would be suitable for you.

What is downdraught?

Conventional chimneys and flues are susceptible to weather conditions particularly when it is a windy day. Flue gases can be prevented from rising and forced back down the chimney by the cold air. This can in turn cause the Aga or Rayburn burner to overheat resulting in a build up of soot and the activation of the fire safety valve if fitted. It is therefore extremely important that your chimney is regularly maintained and the appropriate cowl installed.

What is AIMS?

AIMS or Aga Intelligent Management System in a nutshell gives your Aga a “brain”. This can either be purchased with new models of 13Amp or Gas Agas or retro fitted onto some existing 13Amp or Gas appliances. We can also provide a service to turn your existing Oil Aga into an electric 13Amp Aga. This allows you to program the Aga to suit your lifestyle bringing the Aga up to temperature at your chosen times of day and tending to suit the more modern lifestyle. To convert your oil aga to electric please phone us now to book a site survey AGA Intelligent Management System (AIMS).

How do I set up AIMS?

This is very simple and by clicking on the following link provided by the manufacturers you will see on pages 20 and 21 a step by step guide on setting up your AIMS AGA Intelligent Management System (AIMS) Guide.

How often do I need to clean my oil tank?

An oil tank should be cleaned when evidence of sludge accumulation is present. Sludge can cause delayed burner ignition, clogged nozzles, blocked filters, pump or oil line. This always results in frustration for the customer and additional cost. Therefore it is imperative to consult your oil supplier and ask them to fully check before filling up the tank with fresh oil.

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