If you’re concerned about green issues or fluctuating energy prices, take a look at these interesting Aga facts.

You’ll never find an Aga on a landfill site

Unlike other types of cooker, every Aga is almost completely recyclable. Since the very first model was made more than 80 years ago, 70% of each Aga has been made from previously used material. Car gearboxes, guttering, old machinery, cookers, door fittings, drain covers, lamp-posts and much more can all be found in the world’s most famous cooker.

The Aga keeps going and going and going

The Aga is renowned for its longevity; it keeps cooking for years – usually for generations, some say for ever. Typically people buy 3 to 4 ordinary cookers during their lifetime, whereas you only need one Aga. Such endurance is of real benefit to the environment and in today’s disposable culture, it’s difficult to think of another product that will give so many years of tremendous, hassle free service.

You can choose the fuel option that suits you

Choice of fuel is becoming increasingly important, especially in a climate of unpredictable oil prices. Thankfully models in the Aga collection are available with several fuel options, including LPG, Natural Gas and Electricity. In recent years, Natural Gas and off-peak Electricity have led the way as the cleanest and lower-cost sources of energy.

The Aga works on renewable energy sources

A significant new area of opportunity will be micro-generation of electricity. Running in parallel with Aga’s key product design and development work is a programme to work with other alternative energy specialists, notably wind power, solar power and heat pumps.

A key issue facing micro-generation projects is how to store energy for use later. This can involve batteries, hot water systems or the resale of electricity back to the National Grid. The Aga is ideally suited to this as it can retain large amounts of heat and power ready for when it is needed.

There’s an Aga you can program designed to save fuel

The much-praised 13amp Electric Aga and some Gas models now come with the Aga Intelligent Management System (AIMS). This system allows the Aga to sleep when you sleep and be ready to cook only when needed, therefore saving up to 25% on running costs.

The Aga can replace so many other small appliances

  • No need for a toaster – the Aga makes the best toast just the way you like it
  • No need for a toasted sandwich maker – the Aga makes perfect toasted sandwiches
  • No need for an electric kettle -the Aga will boil a kettle in a flash
  • No need for an electric bread maker – the Aga is known for its fantastic bread making ability
  • No need for a tumble dryer – air laundry on top of the Aga

The Aga is made in Britain

Every Aga is made here in Britain at the historic Coalbrookdale foundry in Shropshire. This remarkable facility is listed as a United Nations World Heritage Site because of its importance as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. In typical Aga fashion, more than £7 million has been spent to ensure emissions from the Aga foundry are as clean as the air you breathe.

An Aga with an integrated module the best of both

Much is made presently about hybrid technology and is often described as a new innovation. In fact, a ‘hybrid’ Aga has been around for more than 15 years. If you purchase an Aga with Integrated Module, you get the renowned traditional heat storage Aga – which can run on oil, electricity, gas, LPG or diesel, plus two extra conventional ovens and an integral grill, which run on electricity and a choice of ceramic or gas hob.

As well as offering additional capacity and cooking versatility during the winter months (when cookers tend to be used more heavily), an Aga with an Integrated Module offers the option of turning off the heat storage part of the Aga during the summer, thereby making significant fuel savings.

The Aga’s ambient heat can save on home heating bills

The ambient heat provided by the Aga is much loved. Indeed, owners say it makes the kitchen the heart of the home. However, that ambient heat also means there is usually no need for any radiators in the kitchen and often in neighbouring rooms. In turn, this can mean reduced annual central heating bills.

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