Everhot 150i

The EVERHOT 150i is perfect for catering for larger families. It is also extremely flexible, if you like the option of having a larger cooker but don’t need it all the time, the 150i allows you to turn off the ovens you don’t need and turn them on again when required.

Individual switches control each cooking area and include a light which indicates when each circuit has reached its set temperature. A clear digital display allowing exact temperatures to be set for each cooking area. The lights will turn from green to red intermittently to indicate when more heat is being supplied. The integral grill with timer is also switched on via the control box.

ECO Control
This functionality is now available as standard on all EVERHOT cookers. It provides a type of ‘sleep’ facility which allows the range to be dropped to a low temperature that can be pre-determined.

The ECO function can be entered manually through a button on the control box or can be controlled automatically via a simple timer function. We estimate the likely savings through regular overnight use to be around 15% of overall running costs.

In addition, whist in ECO mode, the cooker has a maximum load requirement of 2KW, this facility will particularly appeal to customers who use sustainable energy systems – wind, water, photovoltaic, etc.

  • Colour shown is Graphite (additional colours are available)
  • 995mm Wide / 600mm Deep
  • TOP Oven with Integral Grill (maximum temp 250°C)
  • BOTTOM Oven (maximum temp 180°C)
  • WARMING Oven (maximum temp 50°C when adjacent oven in use)
  • Controllable Hot Plate and Controllable Simmer Plate
  • Induction Hob with Two Zones plus a Bridging Function
  • Weekly Power Consumption 85kWh (utilising ECO mode)
  • Typical Heat Output 0.6kW

Everhot 150i 

Colour Graphite


For more information call our friendly team on 01460 67878 or visit our showroom.

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