Quooker at Spillers

The Quooker began life in 1970 when inventer Henri Peteri was looking at inventing an ‘Instant Soup’ product but needed a way of producing instant boiling water. After 2 to 3 years of unsuccessful prototypes a working model arrived in 1975. Due to cashflow problems and having to re-mortgage his home the project stalled so Henri was forced to return to a full time job. It wasn’t until 1985 did his son take on the project and the Quooker was born. The first ‘Basic’ model launched in 1992.

Registered as a brand in 1989, Quooker’s descriptive and internationally recognisable name has proven to be a great success. The Quooker is the world’s first boiling-water tap and the company holds global patents both on the Quooker and some of its parts. The Quooker brand represents high-end technology and excellent quality – qualifications cherished and safeguarded by Peteri BV.
Spillers of Chard are pleased to work with Quooker and have all 3 systems on display ‘live’ in the showroom.

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