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The Sub Zero name has for more than 70 years been at the forefront of refrigeration development. Today, the original innovators of food preservation have become the leading manufacturer of premium refrigeration products in the world.

The showroom has a 600 square foot kitchen display featuring a broad range of live Sub Zero and Wolf appliances installed within bespoke Charles Yorke cabinetry. With a combined capacity of over 1200 litres, the awesome 1828mm wide built-in fridge and freezer are just two appliances that must be seen to be believed.

It’s true, Sub Zero refrigerators are as imposing as they are beautiful, with a build quality unmatched in the industry. However, the technology found beneath the surface has some very tangible benefits. Two excellent examples are the separate compressors (for fridge and freezer) and the NASA developed Air Purification system. Both innovations to help keep fresh food fresher and preserve frozen food for longer – just what you would expect from such an iconic brand.

The Finest Cooling Appliances in the World

Sub Zero Fridges & Freezers

Sub Zero are experts at refrigeration, combining advanced technology and outstanding build quality to deliver perfect results. Their dual refrigeration system keeps fresh food fresher and preserves frozen food for longer, minimising waste and maximising flavour. And despite their often impressive size, the units are so energy efficient they use less power than a 100-watt light bulb.


Sub Zero Refrigeration Highlights

As the innovators of food preservation, Sub-Zero offers a unique ‘Air Purification’ system in their Built-In refrigerator line which removes harmful gases and odours; a process that was developed initially for NASA to aid food preservation. Additionally, the Dual Compressor system, standard on all Sub-Zero fridge/freezers, is a completely unique feature to Sub-Zero. The separate compressors within the fridge and freezer sections enable each compartment to operate independently meaning that odour and flavour transference is prevented to stop your ice-cubes tasting of fish! This exclusive function prevents temperature fluctuations, saves valuable energy and is proven to keep food fresher for longer.

Sub-Zero Collection

Sub-Zero have styles and configurations to appeal to every taste and suit any look, with a wide choice of sizes to fit every kitchen. The range is versatile and stylish enough to also look at home in any kitchen whether contemporary styled or traditional. There are three lines; the built-in line, for the classic Sub-Zero look, the Sub-Zero PRO line a bold statement second to none, and the integrated line designed to totally disappear into your kitchen. Each has it’s own distinctive look but all have the same obsessive attention to detail and build quality that makes Sub-Zero a class apart.


Sub-Zero Possibilities

Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigeration – This range offers the classic Sub Zero look and is designed for those who want their units built into their kitchen but still want to see the products’ handsome lines and sleek hinges and the stylish sheen of stainless steel. The built in range also offers a flush fit option.

Sub-Zero PRO Refrigeration – The height of industrial chic, the PRO is more sculpture than refrigerator. Crafted from stainless steel inside and out, it is the ultimate in food preservation technology, available as built in or freestanding.

Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigeration – Totally integrated with your cabinets with no visible hinges or grills, these are designed to blend seamlessly with your kitchen, matching your other cabinetry so perfectly that only you will know they are there.

Sub Zero Wine Coolers & Storage

Raise your glass to better wine preservation. Sub-Zero wine storage units are far more than just a wine chiller. employing a suite of technologies to protect wine from it’s four enemies: light, heat, humidity and vibration. Like wine with a fine meal, Sub-Zero wine storage complements your decor; thoughtful design makes these products a pleasure to own.

Great wine needs to be nutured and cared for to enjoy it at it’s best. It is often said that there is no such thing as a great wine, only great bottles of wine. That’s because the quality varies so much from one bottle to another, largely as a result of varying storage conditions. Sub Zero carefully designs its wine preservation units so that your never disappointed.


Sub-Zero Wine Storage Highlights

Two independent storage and temperature zones, each sealed and digitally controlled, allow you to simultaneously maintain perfect cellar and serving conditions in the same unit. Microprocessor control maintains even temperatures to within one degree of your presets. The ultra-violet glass panel filters out the harmful rays that can cause premature aging. The quiet compressor lets rest undisturbed, without the vibration that can harm delicate wines. Shelves glide out smoothly, providing access without agitation. The result? Perfect conditions and perfect wine.


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