Bora at Spillers

Bora are one of the leading innovators of cook top extraction systems. Their extractions offer maximum flexibility and innovative design to provide a unique cooking experience at home. The Bora cooktop extractors have now expanded from three to four product ranges: Bora Professional, Bora Classic, Bora Basic and Bora Pure. Each product range offers cooktop and extractor versatility to suit every possible kitchen design.

We are currently updating our showroom displays with exciting new appliances and temporarily have no Bora appliances on display. However, we are still able to provide quotes and order Bora appliances for customers. Please call before you arrive to check what we have on display 01460 67878.

Functional aesthetics, innovative effectiveness

Perfect extraction

The Bora principle is gaining increasing popularity. ‘The end of the extractor hood’ is their clear vision. Bora can offer freedom, enhanced functions and extraordinary design options. Bora’s ingenious invention has renovated kitchens around the globe as now there is no need for loud extractor hoods which allows new found freedom for kitchen design.

With a normal cooktop the cooking vapours and odours to rise from the pan, roaster or pot. However, a Bora cooktop extractor is unique as it extracts directly from where the vapours and odours are created. The basic principles of fluid mechanics have been applied to their extractor cooktops so the cross flow is greater than the speed at which the vapours rise. Furthermore, cooking vapours rise at a maximum speed of one metre per second yet the Bora extractor extracts downwards at an approximate speed of four metres per second. Even with multiple pans on the cooktop, the vapours and odours are still extracted effectively.

The developer and founder of Bora, Willi Bruckbauer, set out to design the perfect extractor ten years ago. Having worked in the kitchen industry for over twenty years, he was unhappy with suspended extractor hoods. His ambition was to create a quiet, effective, and slim line extractor to make cooking in the kitchen more appealing. Bora cooktop extractors are produced in Germany and Austria and their advanced products are sold in an astounding fifty-eight countries.


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