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Once you’re aware of water’s importance within the kitchen, you’ll be looking for premium quality.

While the kitchen is traditionally a place for gathering together friends and family, it also sees plenty of hard work, so it requires the perfect sink & tap. No matter whether you’re preparing food, drinking water or cleaning the kitchen, you always need reliable equipment to hand.

A BLANCO sink & tap will more than see you through. Our solutions have undergone internal technical feasibility tests, so a good fit for all components is guaranteed. All component designs are geared towards a seamless solution, so any available space in your cabinet will be fully used. Most importantly, however, the sink will really prove its mettle as you put it to use in all sorts of different ways.

Drink, prep, clean – Newly united

Blanco Sink & Taps

Choosing a kitchen sink and mixer tap is one of the most important decisions when planning your new kitchen. We spend around 60% of our time in the kitchen at or near the sink. The sink is the top of the magic triangle of oven, sink and refrigerator. It’s not difficult. Simply plan the right sink and mixer tap to go in the right place. We know something about that. And we’re happy to offer you our help. What’s more, we recommend washing dishes in the dishwasher. It’s more practical. It saves water and energy. Plus, no one really enjoys washing up. So the sink is the hub of your kitchen.

Blanco make large and small sinks, with one bowl or two, as functional objects or design icons, Corner sinks plus round bowls and flushmount or undermount sinks. And lots more. Are you left-handed? Lots of their kitchen mixer taps come with the lever on the left. What if your base cabinet is smaller? Many of their inset sinks come in 60cm, 50cm and 45cm sizes. They can often cater to other cabinet widths, too. Their cutting boards are perfectly matched to each sink. We always give a recommendation on which sink and mixer tap work particularly well together. We know that it’s the many little details that decide whether day-to-day life is easy in the kitchen. That’s why our products are carefully designed and thoughtfully crafted, as only specialists who are passionate about their work can achieve.


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