If you thought steam was only good for vegetables and fish, you will be very pleasantly surprised. Steam Ovens, and particularly Steam Combination Ovens, are quickly becoming a must-buy appliance and top of the kitchen wish list. This is a remarkably versatile cooking method, and when combined with conventional heat, produces stunning results.

As with all built-in appliances at Spillers, the steam ovens are shown in real room settings and are live. Feel free to come and have a play and even do a bit of cooking, either on your own or with our home economist. This is certainly a product that benefits from a hands-on demonstration.

A healthier, tastier way to cook

Experience them live

With so many appliances on display to see and choose from (over 250 presently), sometimes the best way to make informed decisions is to see them live and ‘taste’ the difference.

Spillers regularly host informative cookery demonstrations for many of the brands found in-store, all of which are designed to help get the best from the appliances you may be about to purchase or have already done so.


How can steam benefit your health

Cooking with steam not only retains the intense, natural food flavours, but also, as much as possible, valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Scientific research endorses the obvious benefits of steam cooking compared to traditional cooking methods. Steam-cooked vegetables retain 50% more vitamins than those boiled in water. Steam cooking ensures the best possible food quality and contributes significantly to a vitamin-rich and healthy diet.


Choose a manufacturer

If you are interested in purchasing a steam oven, or would like a demonstration, we have a huge variety of products live, fully working and on display at Spillers. We currently have Steam Ovens by Neff, Siemens, Miele and Gaggenau – and all of them are live. Choose below:

Choose a manufacturer


The Neff Steam ovens are a great accompaniment to your kitchen bringing healthy food to your table fast and efficiently


With a Siemens steam oven, not only will your food taste full of flavour, but it will retain more vitamins and goodness as well.


Miele Steam Ovens are the perfect appliance for a healthy lifestyle, producing nutritious food that keeps it’s colour and flavour.

Gaggenau Steam Oven

Steam and combination steam ovens are available in both the 200 and 400 ranges, also available Plumbed-in.


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