Having introduced steam into the private kitchen over twenty years ago, Gaggenau has relentlessly refined it to its current state of perfection, allowing you to steam, braise, bake, grill, gratinate and sous vide.

The latest combi steam ovens, available connected to a fixed water supply or using tanks, offer an enlarged cavity with which to master the culinary style.

We are currently updating our showroom displays with exciting new appliances and temporarily have no Gaggenau appliances on display. However, we are still able to provide quotes and order Gaggenau appliances for customers. Please call before you arrive to check what we have on display 01460 67878.

A healthier, tastier way to cook

Fully master the power of steam

Gaggenau private chef assistance with adjustable automatic programmes, five humidity levels and up to 230˚C alongside a full surface grill behind glass encourages you to perfect your steaming. In short, it not only steams but braises, bakes, browns, grills, gratinates , regenerates, sous vides and even extracts juice. After which, it cleans itself using its sophisticated automatic cleaning system and its own water supply.

Steam adores a vacuum

Add the vacuuming drawer under your oven or counter, in the same design as your oven or kitchen furniture, and sous vide might all most become your convenience food. With different cavum levels and sizes of bags, you will be able to lock in flavours, preserve ingredients a nd marinade in a third of the time.

With the ability to vacuum outside of the drawer you can also enjoy opened wine even after the following night.

Choose a manufacturer


The Neff Steam ovens are a great accompaniment to your kitchen bringing healthy food to your table fast and efficiently


With a Siemens steam oven, not only will your food taste full of flavour, but it will retain more vitamins and goodness as well.


Miele Steam Ovens are the perfect appliance for a healthy lifestyle, producing nutritious food that keeps it’s colour and flavour.

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