Wolf Range Cookers

Wolf range cookers are built in the USA classically design with rugged good looks, its robust controls and heavy duty cast iron cooktop plates are testament to it’s outstanding build quality. Which is immediately apparent with smooth stainless steel edges and chunky controls there has been no compromise on the quality of materials used, these range cookers are built for high performance and longevity. The Dual stacked gas burners provide complete temperature control going as low enough to melt chocolate and has hob options available such as a char grill or french top to give complete flexibility.

Below the dual convection ovens have two fans for a more even heat with pyrolytic cleaning, the only true self cleaning system on a Range Cooker. They also have a striking Cobalt blue interior to reflect the light for greater visibility of the food you are cooking.

The natural heart of any home

Wolf Dual Fuel Range Cookers

Wolf range cookers come in three size options 914, 1219 and 1524mm and each size is customizable to your cooking needs. Choose your preferred combination of burners, a griddle, infrared charbroiler, or the remarkable French Top, which provides a range of heat depending on where you put the pan.

Wolf dual fuel ranges deliver the best of both worlds. Above, the fine control of dual-stacked sealed burners, with special options such as a French Top, charbroiler or griddle, all designed to provide perfect cooking. Below, the self-cleaning, dual-convection electric oven with it’s two fans, four heating elements and ten cooking modes. Big enough to hold a 30kg roast, it has an ergonomic panel that allows cooks to check the ovens status without bending down.


Wolf Range Cookers : Control

Classic design, outstanding build quality, perfect results. With a Wolf range, you’re always in total control of your cooking . Dual-stacked burners offer pinpoint power and performance, delivering the exact heat you need, from extremely low flame for gentle simmering to a furnace like 4.8kw heat for searing and with a concealed electronic touch-sensitive control panel that pivots open at a touch, even the finest adjustments are always at your fingertips.


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