NEW Everhot Chrome Pack

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Stunning new Everhot colours and trim for modern kitchens

The NEW Chrome pack from Everhot gives this already stunning looking cooker an extra aesthetic boost. Chrome is not only beautiful but hard wearing too and has long been the epitome of the classic British sports car and Everhot’s chrome is applied in the same Midlands based factory that still supplies some of the world’s greatest automotive brands.

Everhot have added chrome hand rail brackets and hinge blocks as well as polished towel rail, door catches and buttons. This style option is available on all models but the price varies accordingly.

Everhot Chrome Pack
Everhot Chrome Pack door hinges
Everhot Chrome Pack Towel Rail

Stunning new Everhot colours for smart modern kitchens

Going back a few years the classic Everhot range cooker was only available in a few traditional colours to complement the country style kitchen. Of course modern kitchens now come in many different styles and colours, and in response Everhot have introduced some inspiring new colours most recently with the introduction of Teal and Aubergine: Perfect for contemporary painted and solid wood kitchens.

Everhot Teal Range Cooker
Everhot Aubergine Range Cooker
Aubergine Everhot

NEW Everhot Demonstration Date

Visit Spillers of Chard Tuesday February 9th from 6pm an experienced chef will put our Everhot Range Cooker, through a series of culinary challenges and provide perfectly cooked food for you to try. Find out more about Everhot demonstrations.

The Everhot Cooker selection at Spillers

Spillers have three Everhot range cookers on display the Everhot 100i induction in Graphite, Everhot 120i induction in Cream and the Everhot 60cm in Sage visit our showroom for a closer look plus a complimentary freshly ground coffee and cake. Find out more about Everhot Range Cookers.

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