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Neff Ovens offer features such as the “Slide and Hide Door” which are a unique benefit allowing better access to the oven and space saving in a smaller kitchen. The new look Neff ovens are extremely attractive with sleek black glass and stainless steel trim.

Keen cooks will love Neff’s “Vario Steam” which provides a moist cooking environment keeping meats tender and juicy, breads will be beautiful and crusty, and cooking times can even be reduced.What makes Neff stand out is the range of functions designed to provide a better cooking performance. Functions for the perfect roast, to prove dough, and to reheat food without drying it out, all Neff ovens have CircoTherm technology, which means that multi-level cooking is always available for total flexibility.

Neff also offer Double Ovens, a versatile kitchen companion featuring two cavities and at least three different cooking options.

Neff Oven highlights

Neff’s innovative features are designed to improve eveyday life. The slide & Hide door, comfort flex rails, NeffLight and revolution handle will make a huge difference to any daily cooking experience. These unique features can be found on selected ovens in the Neff range. As well as these great features Neff Ovens boast a large capacity with the full-sized main ovens giving you 71 litres of capacity.

The new full touch control or shift control panel sets new standards with fast navigation and simple operation and the TFT display has clear text guiding you effortlessly through the menu.

Neff Ovens Display
Neff Single Ovens on display at Spillers of Chard
Neff Oven control panel

Neff U2ACM7HN0B1

Neff Double Oven

Built-in Double oven with CircoTherm® – The award-winning hot air system from Neff perfect for grilling, baking and roasting of multiple dishes at the same time.

NEW TO SPILLERS and on display call 01460 67878 for more information.

Neff CircoTherm System

CircoTherm works by drawing air in from the oven via a powerful fan. It then heats up the air and forces it right back into the oven cavity through strategically placed ducts in the rear wall. Desired temperature is achieved more quickly and evenly than in a normal oven, saving time and energy as little or no preheating is required.

CircoTherm is also great for roasting because of the way and speed at which the heat is delivered – as a result roasts are quickly sealed and juices are retained, producing less shrinkage and moist succulent joints.

Neff Ovens Vario Steam

Neff Vario Steam

Neff’s vario steam works by adding the desired amount of steam through ducts in the back of the oven cavity. The perfectly concealed water container behind the semi automatic lift up control panel is easy to remove and refill.

Neff Full steam Oven
Neff Vario Steam Panel
Neff Display

Neff Oven Cleaning

Certain Neff oven models come with Pyrolytic cleaning function this process superheats the oven to 485c, which burns off any deposits from baking, roasting and grilling leaving a perfectly clean oven and a residue of fine ash that’s easily removed with a damp cloth. For the ovens without Pyrolytic cleaning Neff have ‘Eco clean’ a microfine ceramic coating on the oven’s interior roof, back and sides. This surface is extremely absorbent and may only need regenerating 2-3 times a year. The cleaning procedure uses temperatures of 275c to oxidise burnt on food without chemical cleaners. This coating lasts for the entire lifetime of the oven.

Neff Slide & Hide Ovens

Neff Light – Oven Feature

Neff Pyrolytic self cleaning Ovens

if you have any questions or just want to know more about Neff Ovens call our friendly sales team on 01460 67878 or visit our showroom.

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