Miele Hobs

Miele Hobs are simple to use and efficient, which are two of the most important factors when choosing a hob. With easy touch Controls on the induction and ceramic models and the choice of gas on stainless steel or gas on glass with sturdy cast iron pan supports.

Miele Hobs come in a range of widths from 60cm up to 90cm with varying number of cooking zones, designed with the user in mind giving complete control at a single touch.

The focal point in any kitchen

Miele Induction Hob highlights

Miele Hobs are built with the user in mind and are geared to make life in the kitchen that bit easier and more efficient. With the ability to sync the Hob with your cooker hood, flexible cooking zones, direct selection plus and more exclusive features that give you gourmet results.


Miele Gas Hobs

Miele Gas hobs are installed independently from the oven. This enables the space underneath the hob to be used for drawer or cupboard storage giving you more flexibility when planning your kitchen. Whether the hob has standard controls or electronic controls they all have gas stop safety feature. This ensures immediate interruption of the gas supply in the event of flame failure.

There are three design types: Classic with a stainless steel trough, Integrated flat fit with a stainless steel trough and elegant gas on glass. Sizes range from 60cm up to 90cm with various burner configurations, some models incorporate a powerful dual wok burner for stir fry high speed cooking.

Miele CombiSet Appliances

Mix and match to create your perfect cooking zone, with Miele CombiSet Hobs you create the cooking environment you need. The range of hob types means you are spoilt for choice. Miele CombiSet hobs have ergonomic solid stainless steel knobs on an inclined front control panel, the range includes induction wok, Teppan Yaki a deep fat fryer and even bar-b-que grill that fit neatly into the worktop. You can create the exact Combi Set to suit all of your styles of cooking.

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