Gaggenau Wine Storage

Gaggenau’s sophisticated technology makes for almost vibration free operation and an environment that approaches the ideal conditions of a wine cellar. Your valuable wine is stored on solid extendable trays which are made from aluminium and untreated beech thus preventing any transfer of taste or aroma. The beech rods are rounded, which apart from looking good helps protect wine labels. Gaggenau’s wine cabinets have two temperature zones. One recommended for storage and one for serving or one for Red Wine and One for White.

We are currently updating our showroom displays with exciting new appliances and temporarily have no Gaggenau appliances on display. However, we are still able to provide quotes and order Gaggenau appliances for customers. Please call before you arrive to check what we have on display 01460 67878.

The difference is Gaggenau

Gaggenau Wine Storage highlights

A great wine deserves even greater care. Gaggenau not only have on of the most stylish wine storage solutions but one of the most effective as well. With features such as seperate temperature zones for storing various wines, antimicrobial filter system, low-vibration compressor, variable humidity levels, glass doors with UV-protection, and a stainless steel interior, you have to ask yourself if you need to look any further. Gaggenau offer a variety of wine cabinet sizes, so fitting this indulgence into your kitchen is effortless.


Vario RW 464 Wine cabinet

The RW 464 has two independently controllable climate zones. Temperatures can be adjusted to the exact degree and remain reliably constant. One of the zones is recommended for the storage at cellar temperature, the other storage at drinking temperature. Has capacity for up to 99 bottles and uses Gaggenau’s Aeration system: The air is circulated through an antimicrobial activated charcoal filter that filters the air, captures odour particles and locks them away.


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