Miele Microwaves

Miele Microwave Combination Ovens combine the benfits of two powerful appliances into one a fully fledged oven with various functions including fan plus, and a powerful microwave. This gives you the choice to use the functions separately for example using the Oven function to bake delicious bread and cakes or use the microwave function to make a cup of hot chocolate. You can also use both combined and save up to 30% time (compared to cooking without microwave power), depending on the dish. All this functionality wrapped up into a 45cm high appliance that is perfect for any kitchen as a stand alone appliance or accompaniment to your Miele Oven or Steam Oven giving you the flexibility of an extra oven space.

Two cooking functions on the smallest of footprints

Miele Combination Microwave Features

Miele combination Microwaves allow you to combine microwave energy with conventional heating methods for versatile cooking in a fraction of the time of a standard oven. This added to a host of automatic programmes, a food probe, quick microwave function and Popcorn Button which gives you perfectly popped corn at the touch of a button, shows why this appliance is a must have in the kitchen.


The perfect programme for all your food

Use either the oven or microwave separately for example when baking delicious bread and cakes with the oven function or make a cup of hot chocolate with the microwave function. You can also use both functions together and save up to 30% time (compared to cooking without microwave power), depending on the dish.

Miele Compact Steam Oven with Microwave

Two applications in one appliance enabling steam cooking or microwave cooking.

Quick Microwave
Full power at your fingertips. The quick microwave function offers quick access to the highest 100w microwave power. Press start, one, two or three times and the appliance will be activated for 30, 60 or 120 seconds.

Automatic programmes for steam cooking
Intelligent automatic programmes for the preparation of different foods makes every day cooking even easier. The manual selection of temperature and duration is no longer necessary. A safe and easy way for discerning tastes.

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