Corner Fridge Refrigeration

Imagine a fridge that has up to five times the capacity of many standard models. Imagine the same fridge can store and look after all of your fresh produce, but also become a home for everything else spread throughout the kitchen – cornflakes, baked beans, jam, sugar, flour, tea, coffee, biscuits and so on.

The remarkably practical Corner Fridge takes up no more than 1m² of floor space, but offers a cavernous 1300 litre capacity. The cold temperatures are no different to a conventional fridge, but unlike the cramped conditions found in a much smaller appliance, the Corner Fridge allows air to circulate freely, which means food stays fresher for longer.

Welcome to Refrigeration Heaven

So much more than simply a fridge…

Thanks to the dry atmosphere, this fridge is also a highly versatile larder. Every kitchen (no matter the size) has drawers for this, cupboards for that. How sensible to keep all of these things together, saving valuable space and clearing up the clutter. As the name suggests, the Corner Fridge sits in the one place where kitchen space is usually wasted…the corner. To top it all, the capacity may be enormous, but the Corner Fridge will fit seamlessly into almost any kitchen, integrating neatly behind your own cabinetry doors.

If all this sounds too good to be true, talk to one of the team to learn more, or why not come and experience the Corner Fridge for yourself in our working display..


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