Miele Coffee Machines

Miele Coffee machines are great for everything from entertaining to a aromatic morning wake up drink. Barista quality drinks every time and at the touch of a button, cappucino, latte, espresso, the list goes on…

Automatic spout height adjustment, automatic rinse system, personal profiles so you can save your favorite drinks just the way you like them, choice of plumbed in or manual fill models, there are many, many reasons to buy a Miele coffee machine, but the one that matters… And the one that will surpass all the rest, is the taste.

Miele Coffee machines can be built in to a kitchen design in a number of finishes in order to suit a wide variety of kitchen styles. Or the free standing version can be placed anywhere on the work surface.

Perfect Coffee at the touch of a button

The perfect coffee experience – A true taste sensation

Enjoy your coffee to the full with the top-class Miele coffee machines. Thanks to AromaticSystemFresh, the beans are freshly ground for each cup of coffee and then brewed straight away – for an intense flavour. With CoffeeSelect you will also benefit from having three separate bean containers – so each coffee speciality is always prepared with the right type of bean.

Miele Built-in Coffee Bean Machine Highlights

The perfect cup of coffee is now easier than ever with Miele Built-in Coffee Bean Machines. A selection of intuitive and user friendly functions from OneTouch coffee for one or two people, Automatic cup sensor, fully customizable user programmes, Easyclick milk system and automatic rinsing of the milk lines with water from the water container help to make Miele Coffee Machines a must for any coffee lover.

Miele Freestanding Coffee Machines

If you like to choose your personal favorite coffee beans available from the shops and enjoy the aroma of freshly ground beans then this is the system for you, allowing you to adjust the machine settings to suit your beans and your taste. Like the built-in coffee machines the freestanding model comes with a host of features including OneTouch and OneTouch for two, Automatic rinsing of the milk lines, Cappucinatore and many components are dishwasher proof for easier cleaning.

Whether you decide to buy a built-in or a countertop coffee machine from Miele, you are guaranteed to experience pure coffee enjoyment and moments of unforgettable coffee delights. Our coffee machines with their perfectly matching system prepare a wide variety of coffee specialities expertly. You can see, smell, feel, hear, and of course taste that.

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