Wolf Hobs

Custom-build your perfect stove

Wolf understand that different chefs have different needs, which is why they believe that choice is paramount. Wolf cooktops come in a multitude of variations, allowing you to custom-build your perfect stove. Choose from electric, induction or gas cooktops, then pick the size that’s right for you.

Wolf Gas Cooktops

With it’s dual stacked sealed burner design, the Wolf gas cooktop delivers precise control at your fingertips giving you up to 5.3kW burner on high. Use true simmer to slow simmer stews and soups until you are ready to serve. Or turn the 2.7kw burners down to a mere breath of flame to maintain delicate sauces for hours without scorching.

Wolf Electric Cooktops

Behind the sophisticated minimalist exterior of a Wolf electric cooktop lies a high-performance cooking instrument that delivers pinpoint control, from gentle melt to scorching heat. It is powered by a ‘bridge’ design, so named because it bridges two elements to create a single large heating space that’s perfect for large speciality saucepans. The minimalist design of the electric cooktop maintains the pure line of your kitchen surfaces.

Wolf Induction Cooktops

Ultrafast, Ultraprecise, Exceptionally energy-efficient. It’s called induction because the cooktop creates a magnetic field that induces perfectly distributed heat. Electromagnetic elements cause iron and magnetic stainless steel cookware to heat up instantly. Heat generation stops immediately if you turn off the element or remove the pan. The cooktop surface remains cool. As a result your kitchen stays cooler too.

Wolf Induction Cooktops

Wolf Sealed Burner Rangetops

Dual stacked sealed burners deliver high power and total control, from an ultra high 4.6kw for boiling and searing to a mere .09kw for gentle simmering. There are seven top configurations available in widths of 762, 914 and 1219mm. With heavy duty grated and infrared charbroiler and griddle along with a French top option, a Wolf sealed burner gas rangetop is built to satisfy the most demanding professionals.

Wolf Rangetops

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