Siemens Washing Machines

For over 100 years Siemens has been the leading innovator in creating cleverly designed, reliable and quietly efficient washing machines and washer dryers. Saving you time with the “I-Dos” system – which automatically dispenses the exact amount of liquid detergent for each laundry cycle, based on weight of the load and what program is used and with energy ratings of up to A+++ Siemens Washing Machines will save you money too. They also boast a range of programs designed for a wide variety of stains and garments to ensure the best results every time.

Smarter thinking, smarter clothes

Siemens iSensoric

Siemens iSensoric is a ground breaking innovation in laundry care. It stands for automatically measuring, detecting, calculating and controlling every step of the washing process. It intuitively creates a bespoke wash programme to deal with the demands of a challenging and active lifestyle, delivering perfect results with every load.

Features like i-Dos (seen in video) and autoStain work to save you time and energy while giving you the freedom to forget about laundry and get on with your day.

Siemens autoStain removal (ASR)

The specially designed autoStain removal system (ASR) takes the effort out of cleaning tough stains. Simply load your clothes into the machine, choose a wash programme, select one of the 16 stain treatmentsand let ASR do the rest, saving you time and removes the need for specialist products or pre-washing.

Whether it’s red wine or coffee, dirt or grass, blood or even cosmetics, our autoStain removal system (ASR), automatically optimises the wash settings to remove individual stains from your laundry.

Siemens Condensor Dyers

Unlike other dryers Siemens tuble dryers (WT48Y801GB, WT48Y700GB, WT46W381GB) are built with an automatic selfCleaning condenser system, that uses water. collected during the drying cycle, to clean the heat exchanger three to four times per cycle. Meaning you no longer have to remove the rinse component after every cycle as the machine does it for you.


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