Miele Videos

Here is a list of our Miele Videos.

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Moisture Plus in Miele Ovens

By combining the Miele “Fan plus” and “Moisture plus” functions you can achieve perfect results when baking and roasting.

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Miele Extractor Hoods

Miele Extractor Hoods come with a number of useful features and functions from the ability for Hob and Hood to communicate with Con@ctivity

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Miele Extractors Conactivity

Exclusive to Miele, the Con@ctivity system enables the hood to communicate with a Miele Hob, as a result the correct extraction rate is automatically selected for optimum results.

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Miele Refrigeration PerfectFresh

PerfectFresh is synonymous with innovative food storage at Miele: a special cooling zone in Miele refrigerators offers ideal storage conditions for a variety of food.

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Miele Combi Set Appliances

Mix and match to create your perfect cooking zone, with Miele CombiSet Hobs you create the cooking environment you need.

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