Siemens Steam Ovens

With a Siemens steam oven, not only will your food taste full of flavour, but it will retain more vitamins and goodness as well. Cooking in the Siemens steam oven will also free up extra space on the hob as well.

Opting for a Combi-steam oven will further increase the variety of food types that can be cooked, from poultry, meats and fish, to pasta, rice and vegetables. Steam Cooking is fast becoming more and more popular in the home, and with the design, ease of use and functionality of the Siemens Steam Ovens it is easy to see why.

Combining Traditional Hot Air Cooking With Steam

Siemens Steam Oven Highlights

Siemens steam and steam combination ovens are easy to install as they don’t need plumbing in. The removable one litre water tank is neatly hidden behind the semi-automatic control panel giving a much larger oven cavity. Water is heated by a fast and efficient steam generator thermostatically controlled to allow steam temperatures of between 30-100c.

Cooking Using Steam

Steam and Steam Combination cooking is used extensively in commercial catering and baking as it ensures moist and tender results. Steam Cooking is gentler than traditional cooking methods, so there is no loss of texture, taste or colour. And it’s healthier too. Far fewer vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients are lost with steam cooking, so there is no need to add salt or oil.

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