Neff Steam Ovens

Steam ovens are arguably one of the fastest rising trends in a domestic kitchen. Steaming is recognised as one of the healthiest ways of cooking food, retaining more vitamins, minerals texture and colour.

Going one step further Neff steam ovens are incredibly flexible and provide the opportunity to combine steam cooking with conventional cooking methods. They are also easily located in your kitchen as the water is supplied via it’s own tank with no mains plumbing required.

Endless Cooking Combinations by Neff

Neff Steam Oven Highlights

Neff’s full steam ovens are now available in either a compact or single oven size. This allows you to cook using vario steam which means adding moisture to conventional cooking or using 100% steam. Food can even be cooked from frozen providing perfect results.

The water tank is conveniently concealed behind the control panel providing a larger cooking capacity in the oven.


Neff Compact Appliances

Neff Steam Ovens and Combination Steam Ovens are part of the Compact Appliance range, a stylish a practical way to extend the range of cooking options available. Featuring a number of full steam, Vario steam and microwave ovens, warming drawers, a coffee machine and even dishwashers, the compact range gives you the opportunity to create unique and versatile kitchen solutions. All compact appliances are designed with classic Neff styling so you can mix and match and still retain that integrated and professional feel.


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