Miele Steam Ovens

Miele Steam Ovens are the perfect appliance for a healthy lifestyle, producing nutritious food that keeps it’s colour, flavour and with automatic programmes for a wide range of foods you can have healthy food in no time. Miele Steam Ovens can be easily integrated into your kitchen design with a size no more than 60cm wide they will slot into a standard housing unit niche allowing you to choose the perfect location for yours. With a choice of a Steam oven or Combination steam oven Miele caters for your cooking needs.

Flexibility and Performance

Miele Steam Ovens: The Perfect Programme For Every Recipe

Miele Steam Ovens have a wide range of applications and come into their own with a variety of functions and additional uses. A valuable helper when blanching food before freezing and for bottling. It is also ideal for gently defrosting frozen food. And when reheating cooked food this appliance showcases another of it’s many talents with short, gentle regeneration times.

Miele Pureline Steam Ovens

Miele Pureline Steam Ovens have both standard steam ovens and combination steam ovens in the range. Their are 4 45cm x 60cm 38 litre standard steam ovens and 7 combination steam ovens which include 4 45cm x 60cm and 3 60cm x 60cm combination steam ovens.

The DGC6600 XL combination steam oven is a stand out in the Pureline range, offering 48 Litre cavity, multi steam, automatic programmes, lift up facia and sous vide cooking function. This model is on display at Spillers of Chard.

Exclusive features for gourmet results

Miele Steam Ovens and Combination Steam ovens offer some great features: MultiSteam with it’s external steam generation and 8 steam inlet ports you get an even distribution of steam throughout the appliance. Automatic Menu Cooking enables you to program in up to three different food types and the Miele steam oven will tell you when to place each item into the cavity so that your complete meal is ready at the same time. Simple Cleaning No limescale is created due to the external steam generation making cleaning quick and easy.

Miele Contourline Steam Ovens

Miele Contourline Steam Ovens have standard steam ovens, one freestanding steam oven and one combination steam oven in the range. Their are 2 45cm x 60cm 38 litre standard steam ovens, 1 24 litre freestanding steam oven and a XL 48 litre combination steam oven.

The DGC6500 XL combination steam oven is the stand out in the Contourline range, offering 48 Litre cavity, multi steam, automatic programmes, lift up facia and sous vide cooking function.

Miele Steam Combination Ovens

Miele Steam Combination ovens offers 32 litre a 48 litre and a full single oven sized 68 litre steam combination oven. This oven has a fully-fledged oven function offering many functions in one appliance achieving perfect cooking, roasting and baking results with unlimited combinations.

The same cooking duration for different food weights
Regardless of whether you are cooking just a single portion or for the whole family, whether the food is frozen or fresh the cooking time in a Miele steam oven will always remain the same, so there is no need to weigh food to calculate the cooking time.


Miele Vacuum Drawer : for Sous Vide

In the Miele vacuum drawer the oxygen and air are removed from the vacuum bags. This creates ideal conditions for longer storage of food stuffs and also is the perfect preparation for Sous-Vide cooking in the Miele steam combination oven. Combining the Miele vacuum drawer with a compact steam combination oven creates the same height as a 60cm single oven.

Miele XL Steam Oven

The Miele XL steam oven is available in both the Pureline and Contourline ranges and boasts an impressive 48 Litre cavity with the water tank behind the controls rather than inside the oven space. The water tank is accessible via a motorised life up fascia making it easily refillable and easy to check. The Miele XL steam oven is packed with the latest technologies including MultiSteam, sensor tronic controls, automatic programmes and a food probe. The oven also allows you to emulate the Masterchef kitchen with a sous vide cooking function built in.

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