Gaggenau Steam Ovens

Steaming without pressure is one of the healthiest ways of cooking, food retains more nutrients, texture and colour than cooking conventionally. Gaggenau have two ranges of steam and steam combination ovens, the sleek understated handleless design 400 series or the contemporary flush fit 200 series with a stainless steel handle. Steam ovens are gradually replacing microwave ovens in popularity and people are discovering that even just reheating food in a steam oven is more successful than using a microwave, as it doesn’t dry or overcook the food.

Culinary challenges mastered to perfection

Gaggenau Steam Highlights

The Gaggenau 400 steam combination ovens are available in two different widths, 76cm and 60cm. The BS484/BS485 76cm and the BS470/BS471 60cm are plumbed in versions with a mains water inlet and a waste outlet. As with all Gaggenau ovens they are side opening either left or right hand hinged and depending on the model either stainless steel finish or anthracite. Cooking methods include fan oven, fan with steam, full surface grill combinable with circulated air and steam and steaming without pressure. The BS450/451 60cm has removable 1.3 litre water tank and cooking methods are fan, fan with steam and steaming without pressure all of the Gaggenau steam and steam combination ovens have a TFT touch display with clear text making the controls intuitive and easy to use.

The Gaggenau 200 series steam combination and steam ovens are 60cm wide and are flush fitting with a stainless steel handle also left or right hinged. These models are available with a removable 1.3 litre water tank. There are three colours Anthracite, Metallic and silver. The BSP250 / BSP251 is the steam combination oven and the cooking methods include fan, fan with steam and steam without pressure. The BSP220/BSP221 is pure steam.

Cooking with Steam

There are a number of benefits when cooking with steam apart from food retaining vitamins, colour and texture, the flavour of vegetables is enhanced, in fact the flavour is so much better that steaming removes the need to add salt. Using a combination of fan and steam for meat still browns the food but keeps it nice and juicy. And of course for those that love to bake combining hot air with a percentage of humidity gives bread a perfect shiny crust, flaky pastry is lighter and cakes wonderfully moist.


Plumbed in or Water Tank options

Gaggenau Combination Steam ovens have two ways to obtain water to generate the steam used in cooking. The first is through a water tank that the user fills manually and the second is plumbed-in to the mains which doesn’t need to be filled manually. Steam removal on the plumbed-in version is contained inside the oven meaning you don’t get steam in the kitchen when you open the door. The plumbed in version also has a surface grill behind glass in the roof of the oven cavity whereas the tank version does not.

Gaggenau Steam Combination Ovens

The use of pressureless steam is one of the healthiest cooking methods and the best way to retain vitamins, minerals, consistency and colour of food. Meat is tender and succulent, while seafood is never too dry and vegetables are turned into a delicacy. Everyday meals that easily stick to the surface or disintegrate become easier than ever to make. Steam is ideal for blanching spinach, skinning tomatoes or gently reheating meals which have already been cooked. In combination with hot air or the grill function, it is ideal for crispy roasts and gratins – simply switch off the steam shortly before the end of the cooking time to allow everything to brown at a high temperature. The result the outside will be crispy and the inside succulent – just like it should be.


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