Spillers Welcomes the Versatile New Corner Fridge

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1300 litre Capacity (that’s up to five times bigger than many standard models)

This week, the Spillers showroom welcomed the brilliant Corner Fridge. With a capacity of 1300 litres (that’s up to five times bigger than many standard models) and the ability to store both fresh and dry produce, there aren’t many kitchen appliances this versatile.

The cold temperatures are no different to a conventional fridge, but thanks to the cavernous space, the air moves freely which helps to keep food fresher for far longer. This is in stark contrast to the cramped conditions found in much smaller appliances. The Corner Fridge also has a very dry atmosphere (just like an old fashioned pantry), which means along with fresh produce, it’s possible to store everything from Cornflakes to Coffee in the same space.

Corner fridge opening
Corner fridge open

Similar to just about every appliance in the showroom, the Corner Fridge is displayed in a real working kitchen and is live, so you can experience the versatility first hand.

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