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Home is where your app is

A smart kitchen was always considered a futuristic idea you might have seen in popular science fiction programmes, but thanks to Siemens the future is moving in with it’s launch of Wi-fi connected appliances and the Home Connect app.

Siemens Home connect makes your life easier from making your favourite drinks on your connected coffee machines, checking how long your wash cycle has left or taking a look inside your refrigerator to see if you are out of milk and lots more all remotely.

Siemens Home Connect laundry appliances
Siemens Home connect ovens

The app itself is also packed with recipes and tips on how to use your appliances to get the most out of them. It also allows you to access technical support should anything go wrong and best of all it’s free. In the future customer care will be able to remotely diagnose any issues with your appliance and offer advice.

A UX (user experience) design awards nomination ensures that the app itself has been designed with the user in mind meaning ease of use and functionality will have been championed.

Appliances that are already Home Connect ready are as follows: Siemens iQ700 connected oven, Siemens IQ500 connected refrigerator, Siemens connected washing machine and dryer, Siemens iQ700 speedMatic dishwasher and connected coffee machines.

For more information about Siemens Home Connect call us on 01460 67878 or visit our Siemens Ovens section.

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