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A room can be an island: an oasis of peace and ease in which you can shed the hectic demands of everyday life like an overcoat. Generously designed forms, sensitively selected colours, and the avoidance of anything that is all too decorative create an atmosphere of soothing balance. Welcome to the world of SieMatic.

SieMatic invented the handleless kitchen over fifty years ago and are today one of the most respected names in the world of kitchens. Beautiful, functional and innovative designs, combining precision workmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Every SieMatic, whether contemporary or classic, is a unique creation designed and built just for you.

Pure Inspiration

The new four thousand square foot SieMatic Centre at Spillers features a mix of stunning kitchens and more than fifty working appliances from Gaggenau and Siemens. A wonderful place to sit and take in the tranquil surroundings, there could be no better place to begin your SieMatic journey.

To see how a SieMatic could fit into your life, why not arrange a consultation with a Spillers designer.

Siematic @ Spillers

The following articles contain lots of interesting information, offering a useful insight into the constantly evolving worlds of SieMatic and Spillers.

  • A design that became the standard Siematic
    A Design that became the Standard
    In 1960, SieMatic presented the first handle-free kitchen to the world, whose numerous innovations were celebrated as a revolution. Its design became a model for many, has been adapted sensitively to contemporary taste many times, and has won a number of awards.

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  • Give Joy more space
    Give Joy More Space
    This example shows a SieMatic S2 in lotus white with a StoneDesign countertop in the 1cm look with a glass backsplash. Wall panels discreetly and elegantly provide additional storage space with a depth of only 25cm.

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  • Kitchen when black meets white
    When Black Meets White
    Timeless elegance is international. A realm of contrasts is created by the owners of this generous apartment in the heart of Paris.

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