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All our pricing is worked out on a distance basis. If you just email the team at Service@cookercentre.com or call us on 01460 67878 our friendly service team will gladly can give you more details.

If you have a solid fuel appliance then it is the manufacturers’ recommendation to have the chimney swept at least once a year. With an oil appliance as per NACS (National Association of Chimney Sweeps) it is recommended to have the flue swept once every two years.

There is no definitive answer for this as it is based on what flue system you have at your home. If you are having one of our engineers visit then they would be able to advise on site as to which cowl would be suitable for you.

Conventional chimneys and flues are susceptible to weather conditions particularly when it is a windy day. Flue gases can be prevented from rising and forced back down the chimney by the cold air. This can in turn cause the Aga or Rayburn burner to overheat resulting in a build up of soot and the activation of the fire safety valve if fitted. It is therefore extremely important that your chimney is regularly maintained and the appropriate cowl installed.

This can be caused by many factors unrelated to your own home. If a line of trees some way down the valley have been cut down or new trees planted in the area this can cause a change in the air pressure around your chimney thus causing downdraught that you have never suffered from before.

AIMS or Aga Intelligent Management System in a nutshell gives your Aga a “brain”. This can either be purchased with new models of 13Amp or Gas Agas or retro fitted onto some existing 13Amp or Gas appliances. We can also provide a service to turn your existing Oil Aga into an electric 13Amp Aga. This allows you to program the Aga to suit your lifestyle bringing the Aga up to temperature at your chosen times of day and tending to suit the more modern lifestyle. To convert your oil aga to electric please phone us now to book a site survey AGA Intelligent Management System (AIMS).

This is very simple and by clicking on the following link provided by the manufacturers you will see on pages 20 and 21 a step by step guide on setting up your AIMS AGA Intelligent Management System (AIMS) Guide.

An oil tank should be cleaned when evidence of sludge accumulation is present. Sludge can cause delayed burner ignition, clogged nozzles, blocked filters, pump or oil line. This always results in frustration for the customer and additional cost. Therefore it is imperative to consult your oil supplier and ask them to fully check before filling up the tank with fresh oil.

This all depends on what appliance you have. The latest AGA recommendations are:- Oil AGA :- twice yearly (excluding OC3 which is once yearly) Gas AGA:- Once yearly 13Amp AGA:- 2 ½ yearly 30Amp AGA:- once yearly (this includes an electrical safety check) this should be left on for the service.

Set out below is a table of Aga running costs and a table of costs you need not incur if you have an Aga:

Aga type Weekly energy consumption Cost per unit (pence) Cost per week(£) Aims Useage
2 Oven
13-amp Electric 220kwh 14.70 32.34 24.25*
30-amp Electric 224kwh 5.95 13.33 N/A
Gas (Natural) 45kwh 3.52 14.96 11.97**
Oil 40 litres 65.00 26.00 N/A
3 Oven
13-amp Electric 250kwh 14.70 36.75 27.56*
Gas (Natural) 425kwh 3.52 14.96 11.97**
4 Oven
13-amp Electric 270kwhh 14.70 39.69 29.77*
30-amp Electric 273kwh 5.95 16.24 N/A
Gas (Natural) 527kwh 3.52 18.55 14.84**
Oil 51 litres 65.00 33.15 N/A

* Includes AIMS reduction of 25%
** Includes AIMS reduction of 20%
Typical, actual savings using AIMS is dependent on the program set by the user in addition total units used with or without AIMS is dependent on the cooking demands of the household.
Prices based on Atlantic Fixed rate until spring 2014 package for the South West - August 2012

How much could you save?

Kitchen appliance Weekly energy consumption Cost per unit (pence) Cost per week (£)
Heating (2 radiators - gas)* 140 - 280kwh 3.52 4.92 - 9.85
Other appliances 54 - 77kwh 14.72 7.94 - 11.33
Total cost per week (to the nearest 10p) 12.90 - 21.00

*Under-floor heating, as an alternative to gas fired central heating, can add a significant amount to energy costs.

In short, it doesn't need to cost any more to run an Aga when compared to a kitchen with a conventional cooker.

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    Click the questions below to reveal the answers, if you cannot find what you are looking for do not hesitate in calling our friendly AGA and Rayburn Service Department on 01460 67878

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