Best Range Cookers of 2016

On display at Spillers of Chard, the UK's premier kitchen destination

This a guide to the best Range Cookers of 2016 that we have on display at Spillers of Chard limited. At Spillers we have over 15 Range Cookers from some of the worlds top brands such as Aga, Rangemaster, Lacanche, Wolf, Falcon and Mercury many of these are live.

Please note we have not rated the cookers in any particular order.

Rangemaster Excel Range Cooker

Best Rangemaster Range Cooker

Rangemaster Excel range cooker

Rangemaster range cookers offer the biggest range of styles, sizes and fuel types making it easy to find the perfect Rangemaster for your kitchen.

The Rangemaster Excel has perfect symmetry with a grill and slow cooking oven above two large capacity ovens. The simple style of this cooker means it will suite any kitchen be it contemporary or traditional, available with electric ovens and a gas hob or all electric with either ceramic hob or a super controllable induction hob.

Click for More information about Rangemaster range cookers > or alternatively call our friendly appliance experts on 01460 67878.

Best Aga range cooker

Aga Masterchef XL range cooker

This range cooker has a timeless design that enables it to fit into any style of kitchen. Available in two sizes 110cm or 90cm with large capacity ovens that are “A” rated for energy efficiency. Choose from either gas hob or an induction hob. The separate grill compartment has a glide out grill system with a heavy duty grill rack that has a four way height adjustment and a slow cooking oven with the Masterchef 110.

The Masterchef XL is available in five specially developed colours, tested for adhesion, durability and cleaning.

Aga Masterchef XL range Cooker

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Falcon 1092 Range Cooker

Best Falcon Range Cooker

Falcon 1092 Range Cooker

Stemming from a long standing heritage In professional catering equipment the quality of the Falcon brand is evident throughout every product; precision engineering, outstanding build quality and high performance come as standard. If you like to cook with gas this hob offers a powerful central 5KW burner ideal for stir frying and fast cooking. The seamless stainless steel top is durable and easy to clean with heavy duty cast iron pan supports which come in either a choice of of gloss or matte finish. Or you may choose the gas cooktop version which has a simmer plate for greater flexibility. Of course you may prefer a five zone induction hob which is quick, energy efficient and extremely easy to clean.

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Best Mercury Range Cooker

Mercury 1000mm range cooker

Designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standard with attention to detail. This is a very contemporary styled cooker with hi-fi style controls and the branded art deco plinth logo. Choose between a powerful five burner gas hob or a sleek five zone induction hob. Each model has a large capacity multifunction electric oven with a telescopic shelf and an additional fan oven. The tall oven on the 1000mm and 1082mm models is perfect for batch baking and multi-level cooking. There are six contemporary colours to choose from, everything you need to make a statement in a sophisticated kitchen.

Mercury 1000 Range Cooker

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Lacanche Macon Range Cooker

Best Lacanche Range Cooker

Lacanche Macon 1000mm Range Cooker

The Lacanche motto “Serious cookers for serious cooks”. For 200 years commercial and domestic cookers have been manufactured in the village of Lacanche, Burgundy, France by hand and the factory is still independent and family owned. They believe that even in this modern age it is still worth creating a product of substance and beauty. Each range cooker is built to last and offers professional performance and versatility. The cooker can be virtually tailor made to suite each individuals cooking needs, with the ability to mix electric and gas together, all electric or all gas.

Lacanche range cookers vary in widths from 70cm right up to 2.2m and a range of 29 rich enamelled colours and available in two distinct styles classic or modern.

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Best Wolf Range Cooker

Wolf 1524mm range cooker

Wolf range cookers make no compromises. The materials are premium grade; the technologies, state of the art; the craftsmanship, of the calibre you would expect in the world’s finest homes. They are built to last you for decades. Available as dual fuel in four different widths and varying hob options. The controllability of the gas burners on these cookers is amazing, high powered but with the option of simmer or even as subtle as melt setting. They also have re-ignition should the flame go out. The vast capacity cobalt blue porcelain oven interior is pyrolytic self-cleaning. In years gone by a Wolf range cooker would be recognised by it’s red control knobs, however you now have a choice of red, black or stainless steel.

Wolf Dual Fuel Range Cooker

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Everhot 120i range cooker

Best Everhot Range Cooker

Everhot 120i Range Cooker

The Everhot 120 series extends the benefit of the 110 and gives you the versatility to choose which of the two models in this range suit your needs best. Depending on whether you wish to have more heat in the kitchen or the versatility of a three zone induction hob.

The Everhot 120i – In addition to the classic cast iron hotplates the 120i incorporates a fantastic three-zone induction hob perfect for hot summer days or to augment the overall cooking area. Has three ovens as opposed to the 120’s four with the control panel built into the cooker at the cost of an oven.

Click for More information about Everhot Range Cookers > or alternatively call our friendly appliance experts on 01460 67878.

We have over 15 range cookers on display at Spillers of Chard, the UK’s premier kitchen destination some of which are live. We have a number of live events showcasing our range cookers and other appliances that you can attend some are free (booking required). These events are the perfect opportunity to watch the range cooker / appliance in action and try delicious food cooked on them plus you can ask our experts any questions you have.

We also have a roundup of the best ovens of 2016

Spillers of Chard Limited, the UK's premier kitchen destination

Article by: Spillers of Chard
Published: 20 April 2016

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