Aga 6:4 Cooker with Gas top in Black

Owning an Aga Six Four offers you huge flexibility and freedom – both in terms of how you cook and where you position the cooker. You can put it against practically any wall, install it in an island unit or even stand it alone. It’s all about ease, it’s all about living, it’s all about you.

In design, build quality and detailing, the Aga Six Four couldn’t be anything but of the Aga family. A natural extension of Aga’s timeless heritage and all its associations. So while it may hide state-of-the-art technology it retains the personality and presence to add warmth and comfort to any home.

Using a range, rather than a standard cooker, is about having the right equipment for the job – and never more so than with the Six Four and it’s combination of hobs, ovens and grill.

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The S-Series Six-Four takes all the flexibility and convenience of an AGA heat-storage cooker and fuses it with the instant response of a conventional range cooker.

In fact, when it comes to cooking credentials you’ll have to look very hard indeed to find another conventional range cooker that comes even close. The S-Series Six-Four offers a choice of six gas burners or a six-ring ceramic hob and three ovens – two electric fan ovens, a simmering oven and a separate rapid-response ceramic grill.

Quite simply, there isn’t a type of cooking that it can’t perfect… whether you’re making a meal worthy of a Michelin star or whipping up a quick after-school snack for the children.

And as it takes inspiration from the original AGA heat storage cooker, it looks just as good as it cooks. Made from cast-iron, the S-Series Six-Four is both durable and stylish. With its enamelled cast-iron front plate and doors, it’s a bold style statement for any kitchen. And at just under a metre wide, it can also fit into any design plan with ease – placed against a wall, within an island unit or nestled between standard kitchen units.

The AGA S-Series Six-Four is available in a choice of AGA colours and either dual fuel (gas hob and electric ovens) or electric (ceramic hob and electric ovens).

  • Cast-iron doors
  • Choice of high speed ceramic, natural gas or LPG six-ring hob
  • Ceramic electric grill
  • Two electric fan ovens
  • Electric simmering oven
  • Special oven linings
  • Digital timer

Aga 6:4 Cooker with Gas Top

Product ID 6:4

Colour Black

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