Miele Warming Drawer

The Miele ‘Sous Chef’ is a lot more than a warming drawer for warming plates. You can cook with it as well.

Other uses include melting chocolate, proving dough, making yoghurt, cooking rice pudding and even defrosting. The ‘Sous Chef’ can be seen in action during the many Miele “Let’s Do Dinner” cooking events throughout the year in the magnificent showrooms at Spillers of Chard.

Miele ‘Sous Chef’ Warming Drawer – Objects of Desire

Sous Chef

Low temperature cooking is a professional method of food preparation giving high quality results with meat. Meat retains its aroma and nutrients exceptionally well and good chefs have been using this method of cooking for many years to prepare tender food. It is now becoming increasingly popular in domestic households. Low temperature cooking is stress free as the process does not require monitoring and because meat juices are evenly distributed during cooking the meat can be carved straight after cooking. As well as meat the ‘Sous Chef’ is ideal for cooking fish, side dishes and even breakfast cereals.


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