Miele Ovens

Miele built in single ovens and compact ovens from the Pureline and Contourline ranges

Miele ovens are split into two design categories Pureline and Contourline, both of which are part of the Miele 6000 range of appliances. In both ranges you will find Miele built in single ovens and compact ovens all with a host of features to suit every individual. Miele ovens have been tested and built by world class designers and engineers to last for twenty years. We have a number of Miele Pureline and Contourline ovens on display in our Miele kitchen showroom.

Miele’s new range of generation 6000 ovens are built to the highest standard and allow for individual oven combinations, intuitive operation and built with inspirational materials. The design is sleek and stylish to compliment all styles of kitchen furniture. A large capacity oven is always a top priority with the majority of people and Miele do not dissapoint with their standard 60cmsingle oven having a huge 76litre capacity which is one of the largest in today’s market.

Cleaning systems are another top priority and nothing can beat pyrolytic cleaning which is the only true cleaning system, the oven heats up to around 500 degrees centigrade and burns away any food or grease residue down to a fine ash which can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth.

Miele Pureline Ovens

Miele’s range of Pureline ovens are understated and can easily be integrated as a design element into a modern kitchen with a minimalist style. These built in ovens have distinctive minimalist features and are available in four colour choices, Clean steel, Obsidian black, Havana brown and Brilliant white. Miele pureline ovens and compacts all come with the same size control panel meaning combining these appliances either above or next to each other looks seamless.

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Miele Pureline Ovens in Havanna Brown, Miele ovens uk
Miele Pureline Ovens Brilliant White, miele ovens uk
Miele Pureline Ovens Obsidian Black miele ovens uk

Miele Contourline Ovens

Miele’s Contourline ovens are self-confident, assured and for those with a passion for cooking. These built in ovens are brushed clean steel and have a solid handle which forms part of the frame. Contourline uses high quality materials and carefully designed structures. Clear boundaries separate different elements, allowing features and functional materials to be cleverly combined.

Miele Contourline built in ovens
Miele Single Oven Contourline range
Miele Contourline Single Oven and Warming drawer

Miele Built in Appliance Combinations

Miele built in appliances are available as solo or combination appliances. Solo appliances offer one type of heating method and include ovens, steam ovens and microwave ovens. Miele combination use two different methods of heating and are the ideal partner for Miele ovens. Combining Miele appliances could not be easier, for instance a 45cm high appliance with a 14cm high Miele gourmet warming drawer fit perfectly in a 60 x 60cm niche. This also helps if you have a small kitchen, offering you more than one cooking method in a small space. For instance an oven together with a microwave or steam oven and a drawer would fit into a tall unit in a niche that is 120cm high.

Miele Pureline appliance combinations

Miele Pureline appliance combinations.

Miele Contourline appliance combinations

Miele Contourline appliance combinations.

Miele Ovens with Moisture Plus

Moisture Plus works by increasing the humidity in the oven to optimise the cooking of meals and by combining the Miele “Fan plus” and “Moisture plus” functions you can achieve perfect results when baking and roasting. Moisture plus can be used as a manual cooking mode or as part of an automatic programme for soft bread, tender, succulent meat, and crispy crusts.

Miele Single Ovens and Compact Ovens

The Miele 600 range offers oven capacities to suit different needs. The single oven offers an impressive 76 litres. The new compact ovens offer a 49 litre cavity making them ideal for a smaller household or as a second oven. New features like moisture plus, automatic slow cooking where meat is gently cooked for tender and succulent results and pyrolytic cleaning for effortless maintenance now without having to remove the side runners, racks and flexiclips they can just be left in the oven during the pyrolytic process.

Miele Ovens Cooking Functions

Miele 6000 series ovens offer flexibility when cooking giving you a selection of automatic programmes to suit every recipe. With programmes like Fan Plus, which is ideal for gentle baking, Auto Roast which helps keep meat juicy and tender by intensively searing initially then roasting on a lower temperature. Defrost, Rapid heat up perfect for when you are in a rush, Moisture plus perfect for light dough with a nicely browned crust plus full grill, economy grill and sabbath programme. Makes Miele 600 Pureline Ovens a must have for any kitchen, see these ovens live on display at Spillers in our Miele Centre

90cm Miele Oven

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