Miele Dishwashers

Perfect design harmony in your kitchen

Miele Dishwashers not only offer great cleaning ability, ease of cleaning and durability but also unparallelled flexibility. Choices range from semi-integrated to fully-integrated and even handle less which uses Miele’s Knock2Open (knock the diswasher door twice to open) feature. Sizes are available from standard 600 x 800 mm niche to XXL 600 x 845 mm and for those with a smaller space the slimline models at 450 x 805 mm.

Miele Dishwasher Highlights

Miele dishwashers are designed solely with the user in mind, packed full of useful features to make your life easier. BrilliantLight is an automatically controlled feature that lights 4 LED’s to immerse the dishwasher in brilliant light, Comfort basket design allows you to change heights of the lower and upper basket giving you complete flexibility when loading the dishwasher, AutoOpen is another great feature from Miele when everything is perfectly dry the dishwasher door opens and also the highest level of energy efficiency.

Miele Dishwashing Programmes

Miele Dishwashers have a number of programmes designed specifically to suit individual needs, hygienically clean baby bottles chopping boards, Plastics: perfect for plastic dishwasher-proof items, Glasses Warm/Glasses quick: for glasses washed hot or cold, depending on whether they are to be used immediately or later on, Pots and pans: Maximum cleaning performance leaving pots and pans clean and residue-free, ExtraQuiet: Extremely quiet for mixed loads with slightly dried on food and even Pasta: for dishes containing starch this programme removes residual pasta, rice and potato from crockery.

Miele Dishwashers

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