Neff Microwaves

Neff Microwaves are designed to be combined with their ovens, depending on the model they can be built into either a tall unit or a wall unit. Neff models include microwave only, microwave with grill and a multifunction oven with microwave oven.

Total Flexibility with Compact Appliances

Neff Microwaves Highlights

Neff compact ovens with microwave are perfect as a second oven for big meals whilst still providing microwave facilities as a quick alternative.

A turntable in no longer required as a microwave stirrer is incorporated within the oven to evenly distribute the microwave energy. Automatic cooking programmes will give you perfect results every time


Neff Microwave Ovens Explained

There are two types of microwave and oven combination appliance in the Neff range.

Neff Conventional Microwave Ovens
use microwaves to cook food. It is a very fast and versatile system of cooking, perfect for heating ready meals , cooking from frozen or defrosting food.

Neff Compact Ovens with Microwave
can mix the functions of both with the emphasis on the traditional oven heating elements. Inside it looks like a conventional three shelf oven but with the benefit of speed.

Power Levels
All Neff microwave ovens have five power levels. In general, high power is used for heating liquids and cooking vegetables and lower settings are used for reheating, baking, roasting, defrosting and keeping food warm.

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