Lacanche Ovens

Ovens with commerical durability, all in the comfort of your own home

High powered and built to withstand the demands of professional chefs, the ovens found in every Lacanche cooker are similar to those found in a commercial environment. Possible configurations vary from model to model, but four different types (see below) and five sizes of oven are available.

When a Lacanche has more than one oven, it is usually feasible to mix and match fuels. A popular choice for example is to have one professional gas oven (perfect for roasting) and one static electric oven (wonderful for baking).

Static Electric Oven with Grill

A versatile general purpose oven, the static electric is thermostatically controlled and features a large independent electric grill (for closed door grilling). This oven is available in five different sizes; 25, 35, 55, 74 and 137 litres and all have a temperature range of 50-260ºC.

Convection Electric Oven with Grill

This oven offers faster cooking, minimal transfer of smell and taste plus a large independently controlled grill (for closed door grilling). Three different sizes are available; 50, 55 and 74 litres and all have a temperature range of 50-260ºC.

Professional Gas Oven

A Lacanche speciality, the powerful gas oven is thermostatically controlled and has push button electric ignition. Three different sizes are available; 55, 74 and 137 litres and all have a temperature range of 160-285ºC. The fierceness of this oven makes it ideal for high temperature cooking – brilliant for roasting, soufflés, pizzas etc.

Choose your Colour and Trim

Lacanche is renowned for offering a wide range of beautiful enamel colours. The standard palette is made up of 20 popular shades, but in the highly unlikely event nothing takes your fancy, Lacanche will even provide a bespoke colour of your choosing. Trim options include Solid Brass, Chrome, Nickel and Brushed Stainless Steel.

Simmer Oven

This really useful oven has a capacity of 84 litres and a temperature range of 30-110ºC. The large size offers plenty of room for plate warming, holding food, proving dough and slow cooking of dishes such as stews and meringues.

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Article by: Spillers of Chard
Published: 29 August 2014

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