Lacanche Hob Accessories

Designed to help you get the most from your Range Cooker

Lacanche accessories have been designed to help you get the most from your Range Cooker, From the roasting dishes, pastry plates and oven shelves, to the wok rings, simmer plates and griddle plates, every care has been taken to ensure that these are accessories designed and built to endure the exacting rigours of real cooking.

Lacanche Wok Ring

Lacanche Wok Ring

The Lacanche Wok ring sits over any Lacanche burner and also the recess of the traditional hob once the centreplate has been removed, allowing full open flame cooking on a traditional hob. With sturdy design, providing stability for even the largest wok.

Lacanche Smooth Griddle

The Smooth griddle (500 x 210mm) will do anything from drop scones and breakfasts to perfectly seared whole joints and fillets, and crispy finished fish fillets.

Lacanche Ridged Griddle plate

These griddle plates enable you to sear and griddle food just like in a commercial kitchen. If you want perfectly striped steaks, beautifully grilled chops or liver, Mediterranean-style grilled vegetables, then this is what you need. It is of heavy construction and designed to withstand very high temperatures for real griddle work.

Lacanche Ridged Griddle

Lacanche Fryer Lid

This is a simple but very smart Lacanche-badged cover for the deep fryer. When the fryer is not in use, it finishes the hob’s appearance with style.

Lacanche Simmer Plate

Lacanche Simmer Plate

The small simmer plate (510 x 260mm) sits over a pair of gas burners, on top of the pan stands. It diffuses the heat from the burners (which is variable) offering a large cooking area on which pans can be shuffled around, with variable heat zones, ideal for simmering. If you’re accustomed to a solid hob this is the same type of idea but with infinite control.

Lacanche Trivet

The Trivet is a small metal crosspeice which sits over our 1.5kW, 3kW and 4kW gas burners to support smaller pans. It is enamelled is the same tough finish as the pan stands to give a smart uniform appearance.

Lacanche Griddle Scraper

Supplied with 3 x smooth scraping blades and 3 x ridged scraping blades (to match the griddle plates), this is the tool we recommend for keeping your griddle plate clean.

Griddle Scraper

Lacanche Chopping Board

The robust end grain chopping board is designed to sit over a multi cooker when the multi cooker is not being used, offering convienient preparation space right on the cooker.

if you have any questions or just want to know more about Lacanche hob accessories call our friendly sales team on 01460 67878 or visit our showroom.

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Article by: Spillers of Chard
Published: 1 September 2014

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