La Cornue at Spillers

The heritage behind La Cornue is a wonderful true story of culinary passion. Following the creation of his famous vaulted oven more than a hundred years ago, Albert Dupuy could easily be hailed as the inventor of Convection Oven cooking. Today, his grandson Xavier continues the commitment to gastronomic perfection, ensuring the La Cornue Line is without an equal a century after it was born.

Incomparable Range Cooking for over 100 years

The Chateau Ranges are unquestionably in a gastronomic class of their own. With hermetically sealed vaulted ovens that retain moisture, professional solid brass burners and a wealth of configurations and colours to choose from, each individually handmade cooker is a unique and prestigious creation.

A Chateau 165 in Black sits on display in the Spillers showroom. One 74 litre vaulted gas oven and one 55 litre vaulted electric oven offer the perfect cooking environment whether roasting or baking. These sit beneath a multi-purpose hob that includes the superb cast iron French plaque, excellent for simmering and moving pans around to access the optimal heat required.

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    Swirled Peanut Butter Brownies

    Swirled Peanut Butter Brownies
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