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Food that is creative, nutritious and delicious, Douglas champions concious cooking with zero waste.

Born near Sheffield in 1987, Douglas fell into cooking after dropping out of school and like a lot of cooks began in the pot wash. Young, yet determined, Douglas managed to gain employment in some of the best Michelin starred kitchens in the UK. He has worked alongside such cooking giants as Fergus Henderson (St John), Colin McGurran (Winteringham Fields) and James Lowe (Lyles)

Douglas became a young chef superstar winning ‘Yorkshire Young Chef of the year 2008’ and in 2009 won the ‘BBC young chef of the year award’. In 2012 Douglas won the title of ‘Britain’s most irreverent chef’ at the first Y.B.F awards, cooking a tasting menu comprised of food that would have otherwise been wasted.

Douglas met the legendary artist Joost Bakker whilst travelling in Australia in 2011 and quickly became executive chef and business partner of ‘SILO by Joost; the world’s first waste free café in Melbourne. Here he won the ‘Restaurant of the year’ Award after just 6 months of trading, as well as ‘Best Dish of the year’ and ‘Most sustainable restaurant’.

In October 2014, Silo Brighton was born – the UK’s first zero waste restaurant. Silo demonstrates conscious cooking and of course making nutritious, creative and delicious food at true cost. Douglas is out to prove that a sustainable business model is financially viable and that small ecological farms are able to feed the world.

Douglas will be cooking at the Ultimate Cooking Experience on Saturday 3rd of October at Spillers of Chard, visit the showroom between 9am and 5pm and learn more about zero waste cooking.

Silo restuarant Brighton, Douglas McMaster zero waste chef

See Douglas at Silo

At Silo we choose to provide quality through purity, adopting a more primitive diet with techniques both modern and ancient. We choose food sources that respect the natural order, allowing ingredients to be themselves without unnecessary processing. By creating everything on site from its wholest form we can capture real food, and real food tastes better. Find out more about Silo

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