Siemens Hobs

Siemens hobs are full of eye-catching design and razor-sharp looks that go hand in hand with innovative technology and ergonomic design. There is choice between the cutting-edge innovation of full-surface induction cooking, or a more traditional gas cook-top with a contemporary twist, all Siemens hobs are designed to co-ordinate beautifully with other Siemens appliances.

Eye-catching design and razor-sharp looks

Siemens Induction Hob Highlights

Siemens induction Hobs feature intuitive touchSlider controls and the stylish design allows them to be easily wiped clean when finished. Automatic pan recognition ensures that only the pan heats up. Flexinduction is a must for diverse cooking, the cooking zones are tailored to consumer needs, with four oval shaped inductors beneath the glass each of which can act independently to enable consumers to use a small area for cooking rice or together activating the entire zone for large cooking pots. Triple Flexinduction is another option and provides three flexinduction zones.


Siemens Hobs : Safety Features

Siemens Hobs are built with safety in mind with features from Control Panel Pause which locks the hob so it can be cleaned without inadvertently altering any settings. There are also residual heat indicators for each cooking zone showing whether a hob is still hot enough to finish off cooking, or only enough to to keep food warm but for the user to remain catious. Hobs also feature automatic safety cut out, should you forget to switch the hob off.

Siemens Gas Hobs: Wok Burners

Designed with the consumer in mind all Siemens gas hob burners can be ignited with one hand via the control dials. The flame is ignited when the control dial is pushed down and the intensity can be adjusted by simply turning the dial. Siemens gas hobs feature wok burners that deliver 3.3kw, 4.0kw,4.2kw,5.0kw or 6.0kw of power depending on the model, meeting the increasing demand for high speed cooking.

But it’s not just about power they can be turned down to just 0.3kw perfect for simmering. For added flexibility the 5.0kw and 6.0kw burners are dual control – the inner and outer flame rings can be adjusted independently via a single control.

Siemens Gas Hobs

Siemens gas hobs offer a range of carefully designed configurations, many equipped with the latest high-speed wok burner technology. Top-of-the-range models feature beautiful and durable black ceramic glass hob bases, with cast iron pan supports for a contemporary look. They are designed to co-ordinate with other appliances in the IQ700 range, and can be combined seamlessly with iq700 domino and electric hobs. Low profile, single piece burners on the glass complete the sleek appearance.


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