Neff Hobs

A hob is an integral part of every kitchen, invaluable for everything from boiling water to stir-frying. Neff offers three types of hob: induction, gas and ceramic. Each has unique qualities and includes innovative features to improve your experience of using them. Lastly, for those who want to customise their hob Neff have the Domino range which is designed as a mix and match for total flexibility and individuality.

Neff Hobs are made to suit all requirements, choosing from colour trimmed models to match other appliances new frameless or flushline models for an even sleeker appearance, ones with bevelled oval knobs to match ovens or flush fitting models that blend naturally with the worktop. In terms of energy efficiency Neff induction hobs use around 30% less than gas or ceramic hobs, in terms of cleaning the easiest to clean are the Neff ceramic hobs including induction with smooth flat surfaces for easy access and because the temperature of the glass is much lower than other hob types, spillages do not burn on and are quickly and easily wiped away.

Total Flexibility and Individuality

Neff Induction Hob highlights

Neff Induction Hobs are extremely fast with the ability to accurately control the power making them one of the most efficient methods of cooking. Neff Ceramic induction Hobs are sleek, shiny and smooth with a minimalist feel. The speed of induction cooking is one of it’s major benefits along with features like automatic pan recognition: All Neff Induction Hobs feature automatic pan recognition only heating up if the Hob senses a flat based saucepan made from ferrous metal. Control features: include Touch control where you touch the buttons on the hob or point and twist control which comes with a removable magnetic central control knob.

Neff Gas Hob Features

Gas is a versatile, responsive heat source perfect for professional cooks because they are able to regulate it’s strength so effectively. Neff Gas Hobs come in three different sizes from a 60cm with four burners, a 70cm with five burners and a 90cm with six burners. Neff Gas Hobs have a few key features including: High Speed Burners these provide a extra surge of power useful to boil a large pan of water quickly, Simmer setting, almost all of their gas hobs have a very low burner with a maximum of just 1.0kWh, which is excellent for slow simmering. Flamecontrol (on selected models) includes a flame-failure safety device, automatic re-ignition and a residual heat indicator.


Neff Domino Hobs

Neff Domino modular hobs allow you to tailor make a flexible cooking centre by choosing and combining anything from a wok burner and twozone ceramic hob to a Teppan Yaki. For a closer look into Domino modular hobs visit our showroom.


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