Miele Fridge Freezers

Miele Fridge Freezers are exceptionally well built and tested to last 15 years. At their dedicated laboratory in Gutersloh, Germany, Miele run the compressor for 50,000 hours, simulating 17 years of average daily use. They put the doors through 100,000 open/closes, the equivalent of 15 times a day for more than 18 years, as well as testing them to withstand opening with up to 66 pints of milk in the door shelves. They even test to ensure that fridge freezers will operate effectively at 43 degrees, so they’ll work just as well even in the height of summer.

With precision temperature control allowing you to set the temperature to within half a degree, and glass shelves that will hold up to 35kg, Miele fridge freezers give you maximum convenience.

For Fresh and Natural tasting food

Miele Mastercool Premium Refrigeration

Engineered from the highest grade components and with the highest standards of workmanship, MasterCool combines stunning design with everyday practicality. From the professional slide out freezer baskets to the spacious cool zone provided by the fridge unit, this is the ultimate in high-end refrigeration and reaches new levels of quality. The range includes separate freezer with ice maker, fridge freezer with large freezer drawer and wine storage cabinet. Different building in options are available with a choice of fitting either stainless steel panels supplied by Miele or your own custom furniture door panels to seamlessly blend into the kitchen.


Miele Freezers

Miele Freezers are efficient in terms of organization and functionality. They can be set up as stand alone appliances or combined with a matching Miele refrigerator and have sophisticated controls enabling the temperature to be regulated down to -26c they are also frost free making storing your food that bit easier.


Miele Blackboard fridge freezer – KFN29233

A fun and useful innovation great for writing notes, shopping lists, feel good quotes of the day or doodling. This new Miele Blackboard Fridge Freezer has a lovely tactile smooth blackboard door design which enables the communication centre to be in the heart of the home, the kitchen. Read more about the Miele Blackboard fridge freezer

Miele PerfectFresh

PerfectFresh is synonymous with innovative food storage at Miele: a special cooling zone in Miele refrigerators offers ideal storage conditions for a variety of food. Thanks to the PerfectFresh Zone, many types of fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products remain fresh for considerably longer than in a conventional refrigerator compartment. With a temperature of between 0c and 3c, and ideal humidity levels, even delicate food will retain its freshness.

Miele Black Glass front fridge freezer – KFN29683

With high gloss handle-less kitchen cabinetry becoming a more popular choice this new sleek black glass fridge freezer from Miele with concealed handles will slot in perfectly.

Providing more space and convenience thanks to the XL interior cabinet. The fridge compartment has two perfect fresh Pro storage drawers that provide ideal temperature conditions and specified humidity to help keep food fresher for longer. The new Flexilight LED glass shelf lighting gives excellent illumination of the interior and can be positioned on any shelf level. As we would expect all of the door shelving is dishwasher safe in temperatures up to 55 degrees centigrade.

The freezer compartment is of course frost free meaning no more manual defrosting and mopping out and Vario room provides complete storage flexibility. It allows the glass shelves in-between and drawers themselves to be removed to give space for large items.

Miele Refrigeration – Highlights

Miele fridges, freezers and fridge freezers have some very useful and functional features for fresh and natural tasting food. From Dynamic cooling giving a consistent temperature throughout the appliance to, FlexiLight (in the video) the ability to move your refrigeration shelves to any position and still have them lit, plus many more…

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