What is Falcon Induction ?

Truly phenomenal cooking

Indisputably impressive, Induction cooking is considered the fastest, safest, cheapest and most responsive form of hob-top cooking available today. The Falcon Induction range cookers are no exception, and incorporate the very latest technology for truly phenomenal cooking.

Take a look at some of the exciting features that have helped make Falcon Induction cookers so popular.

Pan Detection feature avaialbe on Falcon Range cookers with an induction hob

Pan Detection

The Falcon Induction hob will recognise when a pan is placed on each zone, and will turn itself off automatically, when the pan is taken away. This saves energy and improves safety.

Power Boost ‘P’ Function

The ‘P’ function provides maximum power instantly and will continue to ‘Boost’ for up to 10 Minutes.

Automatic Heat up ‘A’ Function

Selecting the ‘A’ function will automatically send 100% power to the cooking zone, for a pre-programmed amount of time. Once this time has elapsed, the hob will return to the pre-set cooking level. Ideal for dishes that start from cold and require a fast heat-up period, followed by simmering or slower cooking.

Boil Dry Detection

The sensor at each zone will recognise when the temperature of the pan rises rapidly (usually associated with a pan ‘boiling dry’). Should this occur, it will automatically reduce the power to maintain a safer temperature, until the pan is removed.

Low Temperature ‘U’ Function

Each Falcon Induction zone has a sensor, which, when the ‘U’ function is selected, will control the temperature to 65°C, for up to 2 hours. This is useful for carefully warming up cold food, or keeping food warm after cooking is finished.

Child Lock

The Falcon Induction has a Child Lock that can be activated when the hob is not in use.

Traditional Controls

Falcon has retained the rotary controls, to sustain the traditional look of the range cooker, but also offering cooks precise control at their fingertips.

Residual Heat Indicator

One of the benefits of using induction is that the temperature of the glass surface remains considerably cooler than a ceramic hob, where the food is cooked by heating the glass beneath. However, during long spells of cooking, or when a high power rating is selected, the glass may become too hot to touch. If the glass at any cooking zone rises above 60°C, the hob will indicate that the zone should not be touched. The display will continue until the temperature drops to a safe (touchable) level.

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Article by: Spillers of Chard
Published: 29 August 2014

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