Important Falcon Features

A plethora of features to help you in the kitchen

Any range cooker lucky enough to exhibit the coveted Falcon badge is sure to have a plethora of important features to set it apart from most other kitchen appliances.

For example, if one enjoys cooking with gas why settle for burners that are low on power. The fierce 5kW output found on a Falcon gas hob is enough to satisfy the most hardened wok enthusiast (Ken Hom included). Take a look below and let’s see if we can’t whet your range cooking appetite a little.

Falcon Range Cooker Gas Burners

The Falcon Gas Hob

With five professional burners, the seamless stainless steel Falcon Gas Hob is a joy to use. Heavy duty cast iron pan supports (made in the famous Aga Foundry) will endure plenty of abuse and flame safety devices offer piece of mind. Whether simmering gently or rapidly stir frying, this hob will cope admirably and quickly become your kitchen workhorse.


The cleaning of any cooker is never much fun, which is why Falcon has addressed cleanliness from all angles. The one-piece hob doesn’t have any cracks or crannies for spillages to hide, gas burner caps and pan supports can be easily popped in the dishwasher and removable control knobs provide obstruction-free cleaning of the fascia. Lastly, all ovens feature catalytic liners to automatically carbonise splashes during cooking.

The Roll-out Grill

The Falcon Roll-Out Grill is a really important feature for a couple of reasons. Firstly, four cooking positions are available, which means you can grill the thickest steak to the thinnest fish fillets with consummate ease. Secondly, when checking or turning food there is no need to lift a hot pan to do so – making this one of the safest grills to use.

Falcon roll-out-grill

Tall oven

The Tall Oven

If your kitchen demands a more compact range cooker, the 900mm Falcon Deluxe will make an ideal choice. Happily, oven capacity isn’t greatly affected thanks to a very versatile tall fan oven that’s just 15% smaller than the main multi-function oven.

if you have any questions or just want to know more about Falcon Cookers call our friendly Aga sales team on 01460 67878.

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Article by: Spillers of Chard
Published: 29 August 2014

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