Siemens Extractor Hoods

Siemens extraction systems offer performance without compromising the aesthetics. The range includes: ceiling extraction, downdraught, island, integrated, chimney and angled hoods. So whatever your kitchen needs, Siemens is likely to offer the right model.

With open plan living becoming more and more popular, a quiet, efficient and powerful extractor is necessary. The technology built into Siemens hoods eliminates grease, steam and odours, effortlessly and quietly from your cooking space. The motors in Siemens cooker hoods and the specifically designed housing mean an even quieter operation and fewer disturbances for you.

Outstanding performance, intelligently designed

Siemens Downdraft Extractor

The new Siemens downDraft hood emerges and disappears with the touch of a button and with its convenient LED light strip aiming the focus on what you are cooking, no space is lost. Due to it’s unique design and placement, it not only catches all unwanted odours but it also catches every eye. It also saves space as it is conveniently placed under the counter-top so unless you want to see it, the hood only needs to be on show when you are cooking. LED illumination on the downDraft lights up your hob as well as making it an attractive feature.


Siemens Hoods General features

Siemens hoods boast a number of innovative features, such as Siemens hoods boast a number of innovative features including – Automatic after running, the hood continues to run for 10 minutes after being switched off to clear any lingering smells or steam. Soft light adds to the ambiance of your room with a dimmer switch that allows full control of light intensity. Dishwasher safe grease filters which capture up to 90% of the grease, just pop them out and put them in the dishwasher. Every hood offers excellent illumination of the hob underneath, with either energy efficient halogen bulbs or with super energy efficient LED lights.

Performance and efficiency are important factors when selecting an extractor, and with that in mind – The Siemens LC98BA560B saves up to 82% energy compared with a similar model from five years ago.

How to choose your hood

With open plan living becoming more of the norm, an extractor is increasingly becoming a necessity to deal with the strong cooking odours as well as the grease laden air that can otherwise linger throughout the house. As far as style and design is concerned with Siemens range of cooker hoods you’ll be spoilt for choice. Which is why here at Spillers we can help you choose your ideal extractor hood based on your needs. Call 01460 67878 to speak to our sales team.


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