Neff Extractor Hoods

When it comes to baking bread or brewing coffee, smells are as important as taste, but in most cooking scenarios odours and by-products, such as steam and grease, need to be controlled.

Installing an extractor hood is the perfect solution to controlling the kitchen environment, and with a vast range designs, from statement island hoods, through eight types of chimney hoods to discreet built-in telescopic options, a Neff hood can provide the perfect mix of style and performance in any kitchen.

Tried, tested, responsive and controllable

Neff Extractor Hood Options

Neff extractor hoods first and foremost provide good ventilation but as a focal point to a room, the style and finish are also important. Neff provides Island and Wall Mounted hoods in eight design categories with a range of sizes and finishes. With the modern art and architecture inspired AirDeluxe hoods, Curved or Flat glass finishes, Ceiling mounted or canopy, Angled, telescopic, integrated, box or pyramid something for everyone. Neff also provides a downdraft option which flawlessly integrates into the kitchen design without any compromise producing the ideal combination of efficiency and elegance.


Extraction or Recirculation?

The best way to remove steam and odours is to extract the air out of the room through ducting. Unfortunately, in apartments or where the hood is too far away from an outside wall, this may not be possible. In this case, the only alternative is to recirculate the air. Stale air is sucked through a grease filter and then a charcoal filter for purification, and then pumped back into the kitchen via an opening in the hood.

Neff Extractor Hood Lights

Good lighting can make all the difference to a room, creating ambience and illuminating the cooking workspace, cooks need directional light to see what they are doing, while friends and family enjoy the more subtle aesthetics created by softer light and shadow. And of course the light created by a Neff extractor hood should complement the overall kitchen lighting scheme. With a choice of standard bulbs, halogen spotlights or LED lights. Standard bulbs give out a warmer yellower light than halogen spotlights that are controllable and dimmable to allow you to change the lighting for any occasion they are also small and provide crisp colour. LED for bright enduring illumination of your kitchen and it is extremely efficient using only 5kw per strip (see picture to right).

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