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Good looks that won't cost the earth

The Everhot is a traditional range with an outstanding crafted look. It is a true heat storage range (that simply plugs into a 13amp socket) it needs no flue or servicing and is easy to take with you should you move home. As a range it is designed to provide both cooking and room heat. Each cooker is individually hand-built, down to the brushed stainless steel door handles, the traditional rope seals and the heavy-duty spring-loaded lid. Every cooker is robust, reliable and has all the classic finishing touches that you would expect.

Everhot Cookers offer huge versatility with oven temperatures that range from 5c up to 250c it gives you all the control and versatility of modern cooking methods, together with the even baking and traditional warmth of the traditional range cooker. Available in sizes from 60cm to 150cm wide, with low running costs – averaging less than half the energy consumption of traditional ranges Everhot Range Cookers are the choice of thousands across the country.

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Everhot 100 range cooker

Everhot 100 Range Cooker

The Everhot 100 has all the traditional style of a classic range cooker; its four cast iron doors provide a beautifully balanced appliance which forms the centrepiece of any kitchen. Behind the doors you’ll find 3 ovens, on the left hand side roasting and casserole ovens , whilst behind the third is a useful warming oven. The final door conceals all the controls necessary to run the cooker

Everhot 100 plus has a useful additional simmer plate concealed under the second right hand lid. On a day to day basis , you may choose to leave it switched off, but for the occasional day when you have a houseful, it will be invaluable. See this model on display at Spillers.

Everhot 100i is equipped with a two zone induction hob fitted neatly under the second lid. With finger tip controls and incredible speed and controllability.

Everhot ECO Control

Designed to give lower running costs and a cooler kitchen in summer, the ECO control provides a type of ‘sleep’ facility which allows the ranges to be dropped to a predetermined lower temperature. The ECO function can be entered manually through a button on the control box or can be controlled automatically via a simple timer function. Everhot estimate the savings through regular overnight use to be around 15% of overall running costs. In addition, whilst in ECO mode, the cooker has a maximum load requirement of 2kw, which will particularly appeal to customers who use sustainable energy systems.

Everhot 60 Range Cooker

The Everhot 60 range cooker is perfect if you love the idea of a traditional cooking range but believe you don’t have the room. There is a common misconception that a traditional range cooker has to be at least 90cm wide however, despite its diminutive proportions, the Everhot 60 is not compromised in cooking capacity. It’s two ovens, two hotplates and integral grill provide more capacity than many of it’s larger competitors and does not need a flue or reinforced floor so installation is easy and non-disruptive.

60cm Range Cooker from Everhot

Everhot cooker 120cm wide

Everhot 120 Range Cooker

The Everhot 120 series extends the benefit of the 110 and gives you the versatility to choose which of the two models in this range suit your needs best. Depending on whether you wish to have more heat in the kitchen or the versatility of a three zone induction hob.

The Everhot 120 – Lets you enjoy the luxury of three ovens and four hotplates (each being independently adjustable for maximum versatility). So you can have all three ovens at different temperatures and the two large top ovens have an integral grill. The control box can be situated in adjacent kitchen units (or on the worktop).

The Everhot 120i – In addition to the classic cast iron hotplates the 120i incorporates a fantastic three-zone induction hob perfect for hot summer days or to augment the overall cooking area. Has three ovens as opposed to the 120’s four with the control panel built into the cooker at the cost of an oven.

At Spillers we currently have an Everhot 120i Range Cooker in Cream on display find our showroom or read the our article Spotlight on 120i Everhot Range Cooker.

if you have any questions or just want to know more about Everhot Range Cookers call our friendly sales team on 01460 67878 or visit our showroom.

Carrot and Shallot Tarte Tatin Recipe cooked on the Everhot Range Cooker

Carrot and Shallot Tarte Tatin

Chantenay carrots are a small, sweet variety and paired with the shallots, butter, and sugar produce a nicely caramelised tatin. The tangy goats cheese coupled with the balsamic dressing cuts through the sweetness. Ideal as a spring starter, or as a main course with some buttered Jersey Royals and Purple sprouting broccoli.

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