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You Are What You Breathe

The Kitchen is becoming more and more the heart of the home, were we not only eat but talk, work and play. Ultimately where we cook, and the cooker hood must perform. With open plan living becoming ever more popular the cooker hood whether beautiful or invisible must be quiet yet efficient, purifying the air spreading “aria nuova” – “new air” So we can enjoy life’s pleasures at home.

Celestial Star Extractor Hood on display at Spillers of Chard

Elica Celestial Star – On Display at Spillers

The beautiful Elica star provides more than most Extractors it’s a clear focal point of any kitchen. With superior lighting capability being able to spread light around the kitchen to create an ambient effect that is subtle but striking. It also boasts a compacted stainless steel cylinder that houses all the necessary parts for perfect extraction and filtration of smells. It is controlled by the sleek and intuitive ‘Magic Wand’ which uses cutting edge technology slipped into a slender steel stem. Elica Star is a functional object with elegant design that would lift any kitchen environment.

Elica – Excellence Made In Italy

Starting from Italian origins with a solid foundation of technical knowledge and aesthetic ideals, Elica has spread it’s unmistakable quality ‘Made in Italy’ world wide. Elica are very precise and careful with a craftsman’s tradition of striving for perfection and strict control with regard to production. You know with Elica that from the pen of the designer to the skilled hands of the artisan craftsmen that you are getting a product that has been truly loved this is the Italian way.

Excellence made in italy, the Elica range made by skilled craftsmen

Which hood shall i choose?

The Free-standing cooker hood, usually supplied with charcoal filter included, are at very competitive prices and are available in 60 and 90cm widths. These may be single or twin motor.

The Integrated cooker hood, most popular size 60cm. These models are only used in fitted kitchens.

They are always fitted between wall units and have a door on the front, which matches the other kitchen furniture and effectively hides the appliance except when viewed from below. Opening and closing the door switches the fan on and off at the speeds previously set and also activates the cooker hood lights to illuminate the cooking surface. Very popular with the kitchen trade and price is usually included in the basic cost of the kitchen.

Built In and Canopy Hoods are fitted into the base plate of wooden or metal canopies. Available in both 60 and 80cm widths, with single or twin motors. These models are only visible when viewed from below as they are generally fitted into specially made decorative canopies.

Ceiling Mounted Hoods are feature hoods that are installed onto a ceiling, (which has be reinforced to take the weight) in an Island situation or above a hob that has been installed on a run of bass units against to the wall Ceiling Hoods are similar to Built In hoods, only they are much bigger and need to be more powerful as they are generally installed much further away from the hob and come with a remote control unit.

Chimney and Island Hoods are highly visible, high tech models that are used as features within the kitchen. Usually much more expensive than the other types of hoods. These hoods mainly feature halogen or fluorescent lamps and very high performance fan motor systems. Accessories such as spice racks, utensil rails and back plates are available to enhance the appearance of these models. Classic Canopy and Cove designed to enhance range style cookers. Available in 7 colours and stainless steel.

Downdraft Hoods are installed into the worktop behind the hob. Remote Motors are a good idea if fan noise is to be reduced. These can be installed outside on the wall.

Decorative Hoods are ideal if a statement is to be made the kitchen. The ‘Celestial’ is a circular glass chandelier which is simply stunning.

Whatever your needs Elica will have an extractor for you. For more information call our knowledgeable sales team on 01460 67878

if you have any questions or just want to know more about Elica Hoods call our friendly sales team on 01460 67878 or visit our showroom.

Content by: Spillers of Chard

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