A typical ‘Bread School’ day at Spillers

From Foccaccia to Fruit loaf and a whole lot more...

It’s always a delight to welcome guests to our Bread Schools. We limit the number to eight for each school, so ensuring our apprentice bakers really do benefit from one-to-one tuition.

I couldn’t believe I had made the selection of breads we ate in the evening.

– Alison from Bridport.

Foccacia bread cooked on the Aga cooker at Spillers of Chard in Somerset

It starts with Foccacia…

Our day begins at 9.30am and, within minutes, sleeves are rolled up in earnest as the dough is mixed, kneaded and stretched. However, it isn’t long before the Cookshop is full of chatter and laughter. When David, our master baker, explains Focaccia dough should be rolled out into a large rectangle, the laughter level rises as dough shapes resembling Australia and Italy are produced. No matter, David is always nearby to ensure the dough behaves and ends up rectangular.

Stromboli to Fruit loaf…

After a leisurely coffee break, served with freshly made croissants, our guests return to their work tables revitalised. Soon Ferment and Dough breads are prepared, followed by Ham and Tomato Stromboli, Fruit Loaf and Walnut Bread. If there’s time, also Soda Bread. All the dough and loaves are marked with our apprentice bakers’ names, to guarantee they take home their own produce.

Aga cooked Stromboli at Spillers Bread School

The Bread School finishes with a light lunch served and whilst our guests are relaxing, discussing new techniques and tips learnt, the five AGAs in the Cookshop gently bake the breads. The aroma wafting around the showroom is just amazing.

David Pengelly, teaching aga bread baking at spillers
Cookery School Somerset
Bread kneading
Bread Making School
Baking in the Aga
Crusty Rolls
Aga Chef
Bread school participant
Cooking Classes

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Article by: Spillers of Chard
Published: 11 June 2015

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