10 Amazing Facts to change your opinion of Coffee

So much more than just a eye opening beverage that wakes you up in the morning....

Coffee raises metabolism

1. You can burn fat by drinking Coffee

Several studies have shown that Coffee can boost your metabolic rate from 3 to 11% and is one of the few natural sources to aid in weight loss. Pair this with the fact that caffeine improves your performance when working out and you have a double arsenal of fat fighting tools at your disposal so that trip to your favourite coffee shop, or pre workout Cappuccino isn’t such a bad Idea after all

Source – Find out about the health benefits of Coffee

2. Coffee is actually a fruit

Coffee ‘beans’ are actually pits from a red or purple fruit and even though coffee beans are seeds they are named due to their bean like appearance. Generally these fruits known as Coffee Berries or Coffee Cherries contain two Coffee beans with their flat sides together. The two main types of Coffee beans are either Arabica or Robusta with 75% of the worlds coffee being Arabica, 20% Robusta and 5% other.

Source – Find out About the Coffee Bean

Coffee Fruit bush

Decaf coffee contains caffeine

3. Decaf Coffee is not caffeine-free

An 8 ounce brewed cup of decaf coffee contains between 2 and 12 milligrams of caffeine compared to between 95 and 200 milligrams in a standard cup of Coffee (the equivalent amount of cola has 23-35 milligrams of caffeine).


4. The word coffee comes from the Arabic for wine of the bean

The earliest knowledge of consistent Coffee drinking dates back to the 15th Century in the Sufi monasteries of Yemen. The word “coffee” entered the English language in 1582 via the Dutch koffie, borrowed from the Turkish kahve, in turn borrowed from the Arabic qahwah. The Arabic word Qahwah ‘meaning wine of the bean’ is derived from another Arabic word Qaha which means to lack hunger in reference to the drink’s reputation as an appetite suppressant.

Source – The History of Coffee

Wine of the Bean - Arabic for coffee

Over 2 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day accross the world

5. 2 billion cups of coffee every day

The World consumes over 2 billion cups of coffee every day with 90% of coffee production being in developing countries and consumption mainly in industrialized economies. Brazil produces the most almost doubling the production of it’s nearest rival Vietnam. The UK consumes approximately 70 million cups a day with a yearly spend of over 900 million. 74% of UK adults drink instant coffee whilst only 48% drink fresh.


6. Elephant Dung Coffee Anyone?

One of the world’s most expensive coffees is actually perculated in Elephants! Black Ivory Coffee Ltd is a brand of Coffee originating from northern Thailand and it is made from Arabica beans that have been eaten by elephants and then collected from their dung. The taste of Black Ivory Coffee is influenced by the digestive enzymes in the elephants stomach with cause proteins in the coffee to break down and it is these proteins that normally give coffee it’s bitter taste. Black Ivory coffee has been described as “Very smooth without the bitterness of regular coffee”.

Sadly the process will not work with household pets so do not try this at home!.


elephant dung coffee

George Washington Coffee

7. Instant Coffee was invented by George Washington

No not that one! George Constant Louis Washington was a Belgian emigrant to the US arriving in New York in 1897 and by 1909 he began selling his coffee. In 1910 he founded the G Washington Coffee Company which was based in New York this company prospered and became an important military supplier during the first world war. He held over 2 dozen patents in fields such as cameras and food processing. A little known brand called Nescafe launched in 1938 with a more refined instant coffee making process and the rest is history…


8. Health Benefits.

Several studies have shown that Coffee drinkers have a 65% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease the leading cause of dementia worldwide. Other health benefits include increased blood flow – researchers found that drinking a cup of coffee increases blood flow which in turn might explain why coffee seems to help cardiovascular health. Coffee is also good for your liver and people who drink four cups of coffee a day are 80% less likely to develop cirrhosis.


Health benefits of coffee

Coffee furniture fix

9. Fix Furniture

Do you have a piece of furniture with a nick, scratch or crack? Mix 2-3 tablespoons of coffee with just enough water to make a thick paste (add a couple drops of iodine for wood with red tones). Using a small putty knife apply to the crack, nick or scratch and then using a barely damp cloth remove any excess, leave to completely dry and then buff with furniture wax.


10. Goes perfectly with CAKE

Coffee and cake go together like, sausage and mash, Cheese and Pickle or sunny days and ice creams – Visit our showroom any day of the week and be offered freshly baked Aga cake and piping hot cup of coffee the perfect accompaniment whilst you browse our 12,000sqft of Kitchen and appliance showrooms.

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Published: 14 October 2015

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